The Story of the Guards Armoured Division

E R Hill

Date Published :
August 2017
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Pen and Sword
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Highly Illustrated
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ISBN : 9781526700438
Pages : 328
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Formed in June 1941, the Guards Armoured Division proved that Household Troops could adapt their legendary high standards to a totally new role. Deploying to Normandy in 1944 under Major General Sir Allan Adair, the Division acquitted itself with distinction in the costly Operation GOODWOOD.

After the breakout, the Welsh Guards liberated Brussels on 3 September and the Division played a leading role in Operation MARKET GARDEN.

In early 1945, the Division fought in Operation VERITABLE, breaking General Schlemm’s lateral line near Menzelen. The Rhine crossing followed, with the Guards Armoured leading XXX Corps towards Bremen and Hamburg. Guardsman Edward Charlton, Irish Guards, severely wounded, broke up a counterattack and earned the last VC of the European war.

The Story of The Guards Armoured Division is a classic account of the Division’s superb fighting record.


I recommend it to anyone interested in British armoured formations during the Second World War, the campaign in North-West Europe, and Operation Market Garden in particular.

- British Military History

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