Coastal Command’s Air War Against the German U-Boats

Norman Franks

Date Published :
December 2014
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Series :
Images of War
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170 illustrations
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ISBN : 9781783831838
Pages : 152
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This book summarizes the story of how RAF Coastal Command overcame the German U-boat danger during the Second World War and how the escalation of the U-boat war promoted the development of anti-submarine warfare, leading to victory over this menace in the Atlantic.

At the start of the war, RAF Coastal Command had virtually no real chance of either finding or sinking Germany's submarines, but within a short period of time, new methods of detecting and delivering deadly ordnance with which to sink this underwater threat were dreamt up and implemented.

It took the men of Coastal Command long hours patrolling over an often hostile sea, in all types of weather, but their diligence, perseverance and dedication won through, saving countless lives of both merchant and navy seamen out in the cold wastes of the Atlantic and contributing much to the final victory over Nazi Germany. This new addition to the Images of War series serves as a tribute to these men, recording their exploits in words and images.

About The Author

NORMAN FRANKS is an historian and writer who specialises in aviation books on the pilots and squadrons of the First and Second World Wars. He has authored over 120 books including Under the Guns of the Red Baron and Scramble to Victory, and is one of the founding members of the Cross and Cockade society for aviation historians.

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