T-34 Shock

The Soviet Legend in Pictures

Francis Pulham

Delve into the photographic history of one of the world's most famous tanks; the T-34. Explore the technical innovations that kept the tank above the cream of the Wehrmacht. Never before has such a detailed study of the T-34 been conducted through the use of photographs, most of which were taken by those who opposed the tank on the battlefield.
Date Published :
August 2021
Publisher :
Fonthill Media
Illustration :
672 black-and-white and 28 color photographs
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781781558461
Pages : 496
Dimensions : 9.75 X 6.75 inches
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The Soviet T-34 medium tank needs no introduction, being the most famous tank ever built especially as has seen service across the globe throughout the twentieth century’s most brutal wars. However, despite this fame, little has been written about its design changes. While most tank enthusiasts can differentiate between the ‘T-34/76’ and the ‘T-34-85’, identifying different factory production batches has proven more elusive. Until now.

With nearly six hundred photographs, mostly taken by soldiers who both operated and fought against the T-34, this book seeks to catalog and contextualize even the subtlest details to create a true ‘T-34 continuum’.

The book begins with the antecedents of the T-34, the ill-fated BT ‘fast tank’ series and the influence of the traumatic Spanish Civil War before moving to an in-depth look at the T-34’s prototypes. After this, every factory production change is catalogued and contextualized, with never-before-seen photographs and stunning technical drawings. Furthermore, four battle stories are also integrated to explain the changing battle context when major production changes take place. The production story is completed with sections on the T-34’s postwar production (and modification) by Czechoslovakia, Poland, and the People’s Republic of China, as well as T-34 variants.

About The Author

Francis Pulham first went to Bovington Tank Museum when he was 12. He walked away with a model of a Soviet KV-2, and he was never the same again. He has had a strange passion for anything Soviet ever since and once he got his hands on a model T-34, it was love at first sight. Ever since then, he has endeavoured to bring this exciting chapter of often-overlooked history to more people. He lives in Brighton with his family and three cats.


How to Use This Book, the Methodology
Antecedents: The BT Series
Soviet Combat Experience in Spain
BT Series Modernisation
BT Series Replacement
A-20 and A-32 Trials
A-34 Prototype
Pre-Production of the T-34
Technical Description of the T-34 in 1940
T-34: Flawed Design?
Contemporary Soviet Designs
L-11 Guns: June 1940 - February 1941
F-34 Guns: January - June 1941
T-34 Deployment in June 1941
Preface to Wartime Production Changes
KhPZ 183: June - September 1941
KhPZ 183: September - October 1941
T-34s with ZiS-4 57mm Guns
Battle: The 21st Tank Brigade’s Assault on Kalinin
UTZ 183: October 1941 - February 1942
STZ: June 1940 - October 1941
STZ: October - December 1941
STZ Plated T-34s
STZ: December 1941 - October 1942
Krasnoye Sormovo 112: July 1941 - April 1942
Krasnoye Sormovo 112: April 1942 - August 1943
Krasnoye Sormovo 112 Plated T-34s
‘Hexagonal’ Turrets
UTZ 183: ‘Hexagonal Composite’ Turrets December 1941 - September 1942
UTZ 183: ‘Soft Edge’ & ‘Hard Edge’ Turrets 1942 - 1943
‘Hexagonal’ Turrets with Command Cupolas 1943 - 1944
ChKZ 100: 1942 - 1944
UTZM: 1942 - 1943
Omsk 174: 1942 - 1944
Specialised ‘T-34/76s’
‘T-34/76’ Overview
Technical Description of the ‘T-34/76’ in 1944
Replacing the T-34 Altogether?
Designing the T-34-85
Krasnoye Sormovo 112: January 1944 - 1946
UTZ 183: March 1944 - December 1946
Omsk 174: June 1944 - December 1945
Battle: T-34-85s at Ogledow
Soviet T-34-85 Production Overview
Technical Description of the T-34-85 in 1945
Assault Guns and Tank Destroyers on the T-34 Chassis
Armoured Trains and Boats with T-34 Turrets
Beutepanzer T-34s - A Brief Overview
Panzertrattrappe and Dummy Tanks
T-34-85 Replacements
Post-War Soviet Updates to the T-34
The T-34B and Other Yugoslav Upgrades
Post-War Production of the T-34-85
Czechoslovak T-34-85s
Polish T-34s
Chinese T-34-85s and the ‘Type 58’
Battle: Major General Dean’s ‘Tank Hunting’ at Taejon
Epilogue: ‘The Best Tank of WWII’?
Technical Drawings.

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