U.S. Army Diamond T Vehicles in World War II

Didier Andres

A fully illustrated guide to all types of Diamond T vehicles developed for and used by the US Army during World War II.
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July 2022
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Alan McKay
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Casemate Illustrated Special
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250 illustrations
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781636241609
Pages : 161
Dimensions : 10 X 8 inches
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A detailed summary of all the types of Diamond T vehicles used by the US Army during World War II, packed full of period photos and diagrams.

Between 1940 and 1945, Diamond T Motor Car Company supplied just over 50,000 vehicles to the US military, and also to the Allies. Of this, just over 30,000 were heavy 4-ton 6x6 trucks of varying types: cargo, tow truck, pontoon carrier, engineer, cartographic, etc. The "Diamond" would serve in all theaters of operations, wherever its robustness and reliability were necessary to complete the mission. Due to its expertise, Diamond T also produced the famous half-track, with more than 10,000 manufactured. All of these models are described in this work by Didier Andres, an expert in the subject. The text is illustrated throughout using archival and period photographs and diagrams.

About The Author

Didier Andres, born in Verviers in Belgium, is passionate about military history
and particularly about American vehicles of World War II. He has a large archive of documents and imagery, and has contributed to books and magazines for twenty years. He is the author of US Army Chevrolet Trucks, US Army Ambulances & Medical Vehicles and US Army Signal Corps Vehicles.


Introduction: The Diamond T Story

1: The beginning
2: The first generation: Diamond T Model 967
3: The second generation: Diamond T Models 968, 969 & 970
4: The third generation: Diamond T Models 968A, 969A, 970A/968B, 969B and 970B
5: Cargo Trucks Model 968 & 968A
6: Wrecker Trucks Model 969 & 969A
7: Pontoon Trucks Model 970 & 970A
8: Dumper Truck Model 972
9: Canadian Trucks Model 975 & 975A
10: Bare frames
11: Special uses
12: Half-tracks
13: Prime Mover Trucks 980 & 981
14: Production
15: Data sheets



"...another excellent collaboration of the Casemate Illustrated Specials with the author Didier Andres and a great tribute to this legendary vehicle. A worthy addition to any personal library whether it belongs to an historian, a vehicle restorer, or a builder of military miniatures. This volume is highly recommended without reservation."

- War Wheels

"This comprehensive and fully illustrated account describes in technical detail the evolution of the Diamond T design and all the Diamond T models produced for the Army during World War II...Highly recommended for beginner to advanced builders."


Author Didier Andres masterfully shoehorns substantial detail into his compact chronicle."

- Cybermodeler

"...all covered in 301 black and white photos, two color photos, 14 black and white illustrations, and five color illustrations."

- Historical Miniatures Gaming Society

"As with other books in this series, this is primarily a photo book as much as a history and you are treated to lots of photos, some of the period ones in color. There is also a very detailed look at the vehicle itself thanks to some fine period illustrations."

- ModelingMadness.Com

"​Highly Recommended."

- AMPS Indianapolis

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