Camouflage and Markings 1944-1945

Przemyslaw Skulski

Date Published :
October 2015
Publisher :
Contributor(s) :
Thierry Vallet
Series :
Green Series
Illustration :
120 illustrations
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T-34 served in huge numbers with the Soviet Army and its allies, and was also used by their enemies! This book describes the colors and markings applied to the T-34-85 in service with all major users, including unit and tactical markings, individual names and insignia, and air recognition features.
Profusely illustrated with photos and color profiles, this is essential reading for armor enthusiasts and modelers.


"... a good overview of the development and combat history of the T-34-85.... the markings and camouflage section to be very interesting and helpful for the modeler who wants to depart from using the kit furnished markings. None of the markings are too complicated and can easily be replicated with a fine brush and a steady hand....the color illustrations helpful to get a “feeling” for what camouflage was used on T-34-85s. All of the photos are clear enough to use to provide additional detail to kit parts, with the identification of the various turret types being particularly helpful to take a modeler’s work to the next level. I can truly say that I understand the various turret types of the T-34-85 after this review.The final word: I highly recommend this book for the library of fans of the T-34 tank, WWII modelers as well as post war modelers.

- Armor Modeling and Preservation Society

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