TANKART 4 German Armor

Michael Rinaldi, Mario Eens

This book returns to German WWII armor projects from the workbench of Michael Rinaldi. Utilizing a unique dual-text format, contemporary graphic design, alongside high-resolution photography the TANKART series of scale modeling how-to books provide the industry standard level of hobby education, motivation and inspiration for your own projects.
Date Published :
May 2021
Publisher :
Rinaldi Studio Press
Series :
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9780988336346
Pages : 288
Dimensions : 9.5 X 8.5 inches
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There are many "how-to" books in today's world of scale modeling, but none has covered the "why's", as well as, the "how-to's"… the artistic approach… until now.

In TANKART, a painting and weathering guide book series, the focus is on taking real-life observations of paint and weathering effects and incorporate the best techniques to replicate them. TANKART 4 German Armor is the second TA book covering this very popular subject, WWII German Armor. Each chapter inside is given more pages to expand on the processes involved, adding more images of the various steps, ideas, and thoughts behind each project or technique used.

About The Author

Mario Eens is considered one of the best modelers in the world, and a regular contributor to specialized magazine Steelmasters.

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