Tanks of the Second World War

Thomas Anderson

Date Published :
April 2017
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Illustration :
300 illustrations
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ISBN : 9781473859326
Pages : 256
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This book lists all the important tanks used in the Second World War, both by the Allied (England, France, Russia and the USA) and Axis Powers (Germany, Italy and Japan).

Thomas Anderson, an expert on the history of the Second World War, offers an in-depth volume detailing the vehicles, their use in battle and relevant technical specifications.

This comprehensive survey is full of authentic eyewitness accounts as well as being profusely illustrated with many photographs having never been published before.


The tank dominated land warfare during WWII and the author has provided not only a very able and well-illustrated account of this, but also provided an excellent genesis of the tanks and a description of how WWII tank technology and tactics have influenced post WWII tank warfare. The clear and impressive text is fully supported by lavish illustration with contemporary photographs, most highly recommended.

- Firetrench

"The photo coverage in the book is very extensive and shows all the tanks used by the different countries in WWII and also even in the earlier Spanish Civil War. This book will be of great interest to military enthusiasts and historians as well as modelers. Recommended.”

- AMPS Indianapolis

"This book is a great one for tank newbies, but also for us unofficial tank gearheads. The book is filled with many wartime photos, but also shows many one of a kind tank designs. So through the book you really get a sense of the sometimes halting design path to nowadays main battle tanks.”

- A Wargamer's Needful Things

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