Target Saigon 1973-75

Volume 3 - Disaster at Da Nang 1975

Albert Grandolini

The third volume in this series describes the final communist offensive against South Vietnam. As always, this volume is supported by a large number of previously unpublished photographs, color maps and color profiles showing camouflage and markings of tanks and aircraft.
Date Published :
August 2022
Publisher :
Helion and Company
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Illustration :
144 b&w photos, 24 color profiles, 5 maps
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781912390199
Pages : 80
Dimensions : 11.75 X 8.25 inches
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The third volume of the Target Saigon mini-series describes the opening stages of the final communist offensive against South Vietnam.

The decision of President Nguyen Van Thieu to evacuate the Central Highlands was part of a wider scheme that envisaged an extensive redeployment of South Vietnamese forces and led to the abandonment of nearly half of the country. Panic inevitably spread among the population and the armed forces and set into motion a chain reaction that would see the complete collapse of the country. The United States refused to intervene again despite the situation spiraling out of control. Thieu had played and lost.

The third volume of Target Saigon details the disastrous evacuation of Hue and Da Nang, as well as the delaying actions fought in the central coastal area and is illustrated with a wide range of contemporary photographs and a number of specially commissioned full color artworks of the vehicles, soldiers and aircraft that fought in this campaign.

About The Author

Military historian and aviation-journalist Albert Grandolini was born in Vietnam and gained an MA in history from Paris 1 Sorbonne University. His primary research focus is on contemporary conflicts in general and particularly on the military history in Asia and Africa. Having spent his childhood in South Vietnam, the Vietnam War has always been one of his main fields of research. He authored the book Fall of the Flying Dragon: South Vietnamese Air Force (1973-1975) two volumes on Vietnam’s Easter Offensive of 1972 for Helion’s Asia@War Series, and three volumes on Libyan Air Wars for Africa@War Series, and has written numerous articles for various British, French, and German magazines.

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