The 99th Infantry Battalion (Separate)

The Saga of the Norwegian American Ski Troopers in World War II

Olaf Minge, Dr Kyle Ward, Erik Brun

The stories of the 99th "Viking" Battalion (Separate), which fought in Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes, and Central Europe.
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June 2023
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50 photographs
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ISBN : 9781636243238
Pages : 384
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Hidden in the crevasses of World War II history is the story of the 99th Infantry Battalion (Separate). A small unit that rarely gets any attention, it is part of a fascinating story. Alongside battalions of Austrian, Greek, Filipino and Japanese Americans, the Army decided to create an all Norwegian American battalion, originally trained at Camp Hale, Colorado, along with the 10th Mountain Division, with the original mission of liberating Norway. Their exploits during training brought them enough notoriety that members of the 99th were recruited to start the First Special Service Force and a branch of the OSS. Although they were not initially sent to Norway, they would fight in Normandy, across France and Belgium, helped entrap the Germans at Aachen, protected the city of Malmedy during the Battle of the Bulge (where they stopped an attack by Skorzeny and a SS Panzer Division), helped liberate Buchenwald, guarded the Nazi treasures found in Merkers mine and finally served as the Honor Guard for King Haakon VII on his triumphant return to Norway.

This book tells the story of the 99th Infantry Battalion through an anthology of rarely, if ever, previously seen memoirs, journals, letters and newspaper articles written by or about the Viking soldiers.

About The Author

Kyle Ward is a History and Social Studies Methods professor at Minnesota State
University. He has written/edited five other books and a workbook series and
currently teaches a university course on World War II. He is joined on this project by
two other experts on this specific unit. Erik Brun is the president of the 99th Infantry
Battalion Association and has a Master's degree in History and Olaf Minge, whose
grandfather served as a medic with this unit during the war, will also be adding his


Introduction and History of the 99th
Editor's Notes

Howard R. Bergen
John W. Kelly
Yngvar Stensby
J. Jarvis Taylor
Donald Curtis
George Hunsby
Robert T. Bjorgum
Luverne Ostby
Stan Anderson
Harold K. Hanson
Harold Berndt
Harold F. Plank
Les Carlson
Norris Gustufson
Melvin C. Hammerstein
Ray Helle
Lars Larson
Dr. Raymond Minge
Kjell Nilsen

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