The Battle of Spicheren August 6th 1870

G.F.R. Henderson

Date Published :
April 2015
Publisher :
Helion and Company
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many b/w illustrations and maps
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ISBN : 9781909982611
Pages : 272
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This account, penned by a noted British military historian of the late 19th century, remains one of the best narratives of a 19th century battle yet published.

The Battle of Spicheren was fought in early August 1870, and like many of the battles in the opening phase of the Franco-Prussian war, could be termed an encounter battle. Fighting over very difficult terrain, German forces dislodged the French II Corps after a heroic defense.

Henderson not only drew on the General Staff works and other official sources available to military historians of the late 19th century - the value of his work is that he also utilized many other accounts, including regimental histories. He presents an extremely detailed narrative of the battle. Following a full discussion of the events of 6 August 1870, he also discusses the tactics of the battle, and training and other characteristics of the troops involved.

This new edition not only includes all of the maps from the original, but also features a new essay outlining the life and military writings of Henderson, by Duncan Rogers, as well as added illustrations and a bibliography of the Battle of Spicheren.

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