The Battle of the Atlantic

This bookazine is the story of the longest campaign of World War Two.
Date Published :
January 2023
Publisher :
Key Publishing
Editor :
Martin Mace
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781913870478
Pages : 116
Dimensions : 11.7 X 8.3 inches
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Battle of the Atlantic: The War at Sea 1939-1945 is the story of the longest campaign of World War Two – a battle that lasted 2,075 days, saw 2,828 ships lost and 8,973 awards for gallantry. It was a battle in which both sides sought to win the war of numbers, of technology, of planning and of intelligence. Above all, though, it was a battle for survival.

About The Author

Martin Mace has been involved in writing and publishing military history for more than twenty-five years. He began his career with local history, writing a book on the Second World War anti-invasion defences and stop lines in West Sussex. Following the success of this book, he established Historic Military Press, which has published a wide range of titles. In 2006 he began working on the idea for Britain at War Magazine, the first issue of which went on sale in May 2007. This publication has grown rapidly to become the best-selling military history periodical on the high street. Martin now devotes his time to writing and editing books.

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