The Battle of the White Mountain 1620 and the Bohemian Revolt, 1618-1622

Laurence Spring

The Battle of the White Mountain and the Bohemian Revolt, 1618-1622 not only looks at the battle, but also the armies and campaigns leading up to the battle.
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July 2018
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Helion and Company
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Century of the Soldier
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8pp color plates, 26 b/w illustrations
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781912390229
Pages : 164
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The Battle of the White Mountain and the Bohemian Revolt, 1618-1622 looks not only at the battle of the White Mountain, but also the campaigns and events leading up to the battle, such as the Bohemian Army’s march on Vienna, the sieges of Pilsen and Bautzen and the battle of Zablat. These events are often described using the words of the protagonists themselves.

It also examines the armies that took part in these campaigns, the soldiers from which came not only from Bohemia, but also Britain, the Dutch Republic, France, the Holy Roman Empire, Hungary, Poland, Spain, the Spanish Netherlands and Transylvania.

However, even before the battle of the White Mountain the seeds had been sewn for the war to last 30 years and such was the Emperor Ferdinand’s Counter Reformation policy that when the sword which executed some Bohemian rebels when on display in the nineteenth century it had to be removed for fear of a public disturbance and has been compared with the occupation of Czechoslovakia by the Nazi Germany in 1938.

Therefore this book is essential reading to anyone interested in the wars of the early seventeenth century, not just the Thirty Years War.

About The Author

Laurence Spring studied at the Universities of London and Aberystwyth. He is also a qualified archivist, and has worked for many years at the Surrey History Centre. He has researched the early seventeenth century for many years and has written on various aspects of the English Civil War. He has also written many books on the Russian Army during the Napoleonic Wars as well as several articles for the “Surrey in the Great War” website. Since he has an archival background he prefers to search through archives looking for various interesting facts for his books, rather than relying on printed sources, which give a vivid insight to the subject and are not mentioned in secondary sources. Using this method, he has found evidence that contradicts the established ‘facts’ on many subjects.


"Any wargamer wishing to recreate the Battle of White Mountain as a wargame or to use the Bohemian Revolt as the setting for a campaign should buy this book"

- Miniature Wargames

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