The Berlin 1945 Battlefield Guide

Part 2 - The Battle of Berlin

David McCormack

This accessible battlefield guide takes the reader on a journey across the Berlin battlefield as it is today. Eye witness accounts and the author's intimate knowledge of the terrain combine to provide the essential guide for anyone seeking to further understand the apocalyptic struggle in Berlin which finally sealed the fate of the Third Reich.
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June 2019
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Fonthill Media
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781781557396
Pages : 176
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This detailed, absorbing battlefield guide is the ideal companion for anyone considering visiting the site of Hitler's ‘Gotterdammerung’ in April–May 1945. Using his in depth knowledge as a historian and battlefield guide, David McCormack vividly describes the apocalyptic struggle played out amongst the ruins of a once great city. The author's intimate knowledge of the ground ensures that the Wagnerian climax of the Third Reich is presented in a series of dramatic tableaux which capture the regime's final convulsive death throes. Prepare for a fascinating journey across the Berlin battlefield as it is today.

The Berlin 1945 Battlefield Guide: Part Two—The Battle of Berlin is the essential guide to understanding both Hitler's downfall in Berlin and Stalin's greatest triumph.

About The Author

David McCormack graduated with first class honors in Contemporary Military and International History. Regular contributor of Japan based historical articles to the International Academic Forum's Eye Magazine. Series of eight articles entitled Japan at War published by the Armourer Magazine 2005-2006.


Part One: Exploring Battlefield Berlin; Part Two: Intrigues and deceptions; Part Three: The Paladins Depart; Part Four: Tour A: Marzahn–Pankow–Humboldthain–Gesundbrunnen: Marzahn–Viewpoint (A1): 21 April Memorial, Viewpoint (A2): Soviet Obelisk, Mausoleum and Cemetery: Pankow–Viewpoint (A3): Soviet Cemetery: Humboldthain–Viewpoint (A4): Flak Tower: Gesundbrunnen–Viewpoint (A5): Bunker Museum; Part Five: 'Are the Russians already so near?'; Part Six: Tour B: Tempelhof–Treptower Park–Kreuzberg: Tempelhof–Viewpoint (B1): Airport: Treptower Park–Viewpoint (B2): Soviet Memorial: Kreuzberg–Viewpoint (B3): Fichte Bunker; Part Seven: Banner of Victory; Part Eight: Tour C: Mitte/Tiergarten: Mitte/Tiergarten–Viewpoint (C1) Moltke Bridge, Viewpoint (C2) Reichstag, Viewpoint (C3) Soviet Tiergarten Memorial, Viewpoint (C4) Brandenburg Gate, Viewpoint (C5) Adlon Hotel, Viewpoint (C6) Site of Hitler's Bunker, Viewpoint (C7) Former Reich Aviation Ministry, Viewpoint (C8) Topography of Terror, Viewpoint (C9) Anhalter Bahnhof & Bunker; Part Nine: Surrender; Part Ten: Tour D: Mitte–Hohenschonhausen: Mitte–Viewpoint (D1): German Resistance Memorial (Former Bendlerblock), Viewpoint (D2): Weidendammer Bridge, Viewpoint (D3): Invalids' Cemetery: Hohenschonhausen–Viewpoint (D4): Schultheiss Brewery; Part Eleven: Zero Hour; Part Twelve: After Hitler; Appendix One: Joseph Goebbels–'The Year 2000'; Appendix Two: Joseph Goebbels–'Our Hitler'; Appendix Three: Joseph Goebbels–'Resist at Any Price'; Appendix Four: Adolf Hitler–'My Political Testament'; Appendix Five: Admiral Doenitz–Broadcast, 1 May 1945; Appendix Six: Joseph Stalin–Order of the Day, 1 May 1945; Appendix Seven: Joseph Stalin–Order of the Day, 9 May 1945; Appendix Eight: Joseph Stalin–Victory Speech, 9 May 1945; Appendix Nine: Joseph Stalin–Toast to the People, 24 May 1945; Appendix Ten: Joseph Stalin–Order of the Day, 22 June 1945; Appendix Eleven: Joseph Stalin–Order of the Day, 23 February 1946; Select Bibliography.


"...absolutely essential to fully grasp both the importance of the Fuhrer’s downfall and the result of Stalin’s conquest today."


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