The Berlin 1945 Battlefield Guide

Part 1 - The Battle of the Oder-Neisse

David McCormack

This highly detailed, yet accessible battlefield guide takes the reader on a fascinating journey across the Oderfront battlefield as it is today. Eye witness accounts and the author's intimate knowledge of the terrain combine to provide the essential guide for anyone seeking to further understand the Wehrmacht's last desperate defensive battles bef
Date Published :
February 2018
Publisher :
Fonthill Media
Illustration :
Color and B&W photographs
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781781556078
Pages : 160
Dimensions : 9.25 X 6.5 inches
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This highly detailed, absorbing battlefield guide is the ideal companion for anyone considering exploring the terrain on which the epic battles along the Oderfront were fought between January and April 1945. Using his in-depth knowledge as a historian and battlefield guide, David McCormack vividly describes these last tumultuous weeks of the war on the Eastern Front, which saw the Red Army advance on Berlin in the face of a dogged, yet skillful German defense. Meticulous historical research, including searing eyewitness accounts and the author’s intimate knowledge of the ground, have produced a guide that is both comprehensive and accessible. Prepare for a fascinating journey across the Oderfront battlefield as it is today. The Berlin Strategic Operation 1945 Battlefield Guide: Part One – The Battle of the Oder-Neisse is an essential guide to understanding the triumph of the Red Army and the final shattering defeat of the German land forces defending the approaches to Berlin.

About The Author

David McCormack graduated with first class honors in Contemporary Military and International History. Regular contributor of Japan based historical articles to the International Academic Forum's Eye Magazine. Series of eight articles entitled Japan at War published by the Armourer Magazine 2005-2006.


“Because of the author has included an immense amount of background information with each of the six tours, this book is not only a “tour guide” but a concise history of the battles along the Oder front. The included armor images also made this book a very enjoyable read. Highly Recommended .”


"The final weeks of the war were fought courageously by the Germans, some as young as 12, to the bitter end, without reservation or qualification, and author McCormack captures well their confused intent but utter resoluteness."


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