The Contribution of the Royal Bavarian Army to the War of 1866

Bavarian General Staff

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July 2013
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Helion and Company
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The Bavarian army which fought the War of 1866 was not greatly distinguished for its performance, but a translation of the Bavarian general staff history of the war is a document which should be available in English, since it gives an official analysis of the conflict.

The narrative presents a detailed account of the mobilization of the army, and its actions against the Prussians during July 1866. Moreover, the work contains appendices which present an order of battle, the authorized strengths of the formations, and casualties, and as such these are valuable. The original text is complemented by translator Stuart Sutherland's additional explanatory notes.


"more or less the official history of the Bavarian Army during the war... a useful read for anyone interested in the wars of German unification or nineteenth century military institutions and campaigns."

- The NYMAS Review

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