The End of Empire

Napoleon's 1814 Campaign

George F. Nafziger

Date Published :
July 2019
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Illustration :
50 b/w illustrations, 16 color maps
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781909982963
Pages : 768
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ISBN : 9781911628385
Pages : 768
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"The End of Empire" is a continuation of Nafziger’s definitive military studies of the Napoleonic era beginning with the 1812 campaign and progressing through the 1813 campaign. Having suffered a massive reversal of fortunes in Russia Napoleon found himself confronted, in Germany, by the combined forces of Russia, Prussia, and Austria. After the disaster of Leipzig Napoleon’s German allies fell away and he was forced to fall back, beyond the borders of France. Offered a negotiated peace on the basis of a return to the pre-1792 borders, Napoleon chose to continue to fight, trusting in his star. He was, however, desperate for troops and short of horses and cash. Cornered and threatened by three armies invading from the north, northeast, and east, every chance to stop the Allies had to be taken and there was desperate battle after desperate battle. Of all his campaigns, Napoleon’s 1814 campaign was one of his most brilliant. Eventually, after several terrible defeats, the Allies refused to engage him in battle when he confronted them. Instead they pushed their other two armies forward, slowly driving him back as he rushed to block the advance of the other armies on Paris. This strategy proved successful and eventually Napoleon was obliged to abdicate when his marshals refused to fight further.

"The End of Empire" includes a detailed text, specially commissioned maps and the author's trademark extensive orders of battle.

About The Author

George F. Nafziger, PhD, Captain USNR-Ret. earned his BA and MBA at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, and his PhD From the Union Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio. His first book, "Napoleon’s Invasion of Russia", was published in 1988 and was the first of a series of works on the Napoleonic era. He has served as a Director of the Napoleonic Society of America and the Napoleonic Alliance. He is a fellow of the Le Souvenir Napoléonienne Internationale, and runs the Nafziger Collection, Inc., a publishing house specializing in military history. He served in the US Navy for 4 years and a further 20 in the US Navy Reserves. He did two tours to Vietnam and experienced combat first hand.


“ … fascinating. Nafziger does not shy away from describing Napoleon’s occasional mishaps …”

- Military History Monthly

"George Nafziger has consulted all authorities, considered the evidence, and gives a sound narrative and analysis of the fighting, with clear maps and good illustrations."

- Soldier Magazine

“The book delves deeply into the different generals and their thinking and reasoning, or lack there of. To me, the writing transports the reader to 1814 and keeps the reader in the grip of the story as well as any non-fiction work can.”

- A Wargamers Needful Things

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