The French Imperial Guard 1800-1815

Volume 1 - Foot Troops

André Jouineau, Jean Mongin

Date Published :
November 2017
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Illustration :
220 color illustrations
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9782840484950
Pages : 176
Dimensions : 11.7 X 8.3 inches
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‘The Guard Gives!’
The Imperial Guard, this glorious phalanx, the fruit of all the attention of the Emperor Napoleon I, forms a small army in the Grande Armée. This study of its organization, like that of its uniforms and its equipment, is here completed to the finest degree.

Volume 1 covers the uniforms, the equipment, and the armament of The Old Guard, who were launched into the battle at the decisive moment. Explaining the concepts of the organization of Old, Middle and Young Guards, illustrator and researcher André Jouineau presents the general colonels, grenadiers, chasseurs, fusiliers, velites, flankers, pupils, veterans, workers, engineers, doctors, Podestats and other gunners. This practical, small, precise, clear, logical and visual tool, a true vade mecum for amateurs of imperial history, is intended for enthusiasts of imperial history and figures. This book is the new version that has been completely redesigned, revised, amended and widely expanded – it contains nearly 50% new characters from the book published several years ago. On 176 pages, nearly a thousand drawings develop the purpose of these two specialists of the period. Volume 2 goes on to explore the centaurs of the Cavalry of the Guard.


“For the modeller this really has a wealth of ideal references and I am sure it will be of interest to the wargamer, Napoleonic Wars historian and re-enactor alike. The artwork which fills this book is a joy to see, and I would say a pleasure to look through simply from the artistic point of view. If this is book 1, covering the Foot Soldiers, we evidently have more books to look forward to as well for the future.”

- Military Model Scene

“Superb quality, mindblowing content and great value for money!”

- Military Modelling

“Toy soldier and model figure enthusiasts fascinated by the Napoleonic Wars will find a wealth of colorful reference and inspirational material… This large format book is a completely revamped and redrawn second edition of an earlier version published by the team of Mongin and Jouineau several years ago. This tome’s total of 1,000 or so im-ages is an estimated 50 percent more than its predecessor.”

- Toy Soldier & Model Figure

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