The Historical Atlas of the British Isles

Alex Swanston, Ian Barnes

Date Published :
October 2021
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781848844995
Pages : 224
Dimensions : 11 X 8.5 inches
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This atlas covers the history of the British Isles from earliest times to the present day. The first hunter-gatherers,who crossed into what would become our familiar islands by the ‘land-bridge’, and later followed by more familiar peoples – the Celts,Angles, Saxons,Vikings and Normans,who together would create our islands’ unique history. Each contributed ideas which shaped our lands, languages and thoughts that are at the core of our identities to this day.

This story is illustrated with 150 full-color maps and plans that range across many topics, such as agricultural, political and industrial revolutions. The expansion of our islands’ peoples across the oceans and the lasting legacy that movement left on the world and on our home islands. We show the fluctuating fortunes of the states we now identify ourselves by, from an Anglo-Scottish imperium to devolved power, independence and the often painful process by which the modern map of our islands evolved. The forces of history and religion divided the islands’ peoples but our DNA unites us much more that most would realize – the islands have gone on to embrace new cultures that have come to seek refuge, opportunity and equality – this is a peoples’ history.

About The Author

Alex Swanston has worked on over 30 historical titles, creating the cartography and layout, along with picture editing he has written two previous books: The Historical Atlas of World War II for Quarto Books and the Atlas of Air Warfare for Amber Books, the latter has been translated into seven different languages.

Dr Ian Barnes studied at the Universities of Sussex, Stockholm, and the London School of Economics.He has been Visiting Professor of History at the University of North Carolina Charlotte, and is currently Head of History at the University of Derby. He has previously published titles including: The Historical Atlas of the American Revolution, The Historical Atlas of the Celtic World and The Historical Atlas of Europe (with Robert Hudson).

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