The Lion and the Rose. Volume 3

The 2/5th Battalion of the King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment 1914-1919

Kevin Shannon

The 2/5th King's Own deployed overseas for the first time in February 1917 against an experienced and aggressive foe. This book narrates their daily struggle to learn the necessary survival skills in the pitiless arena of modern warfare that was the Western Front, and their progress to become the fighting equal of any battalion by the end of 1918.
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May 2018
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Fonthill Media
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781781556689
Pages : 272
Dimensions : 9.25 X 6.15 inches
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The final part of the Lion and the Rose trilogy detailing the TF battalions of the King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment in the Great War.

Established in August 1914, the 2/5th spent the next thirty months in England perfecting their ability to ‘form fours’; engaged in almost every sort of training other than that which they would need at the Front. When they deployed to France in February 1917, they were pitted against an aggressive and experienced foe. This book tells the story of their struggle to learn the skills necessary to survive in the pitiless arena of modern warfare and their progress to become the fighting equals of any by the end of the war.

With no history written for either 57 Division or the 2/5th, this book—based on dozens of contemporary and unpublished sources, tells their story for the first time.

The book contains sketch maps of the sectors the battalion fought in and accurate coordinates for all positions; previously unpublished photographs of men from the battalion; the most complete battalion roll yet compiled and narrates the individual parts played by 1,000 of the officers and men during the war.

About The Author

Kevin Shannon was educated at St Edward’s College, Liverpool, enlisting in the Army straight from school. His varied Army career included service in an Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment, Intelligence and the infantry. After leaving the military he studied for a degree in Liverpool and then taught history for many years. His hobbies have included competitive pistol shooting, motorsport and piloting light aircraft. He has also been a long-time volunteer with International Rescue Corps, retiring as their Assistant Operational Director in late 2015. Shannon is now a full-time writer and historian.

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