The Nazis Go Underground

Curt Reiss

In 1943 Nazis prepared to go underground. The idea was to create a network to plan for World War III.
Date Published :
March 2015
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Fonthill Media
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ISBN : 9781781551219
Pages : 224
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As early as 1943, senior Nazi officials were making preparations for Germany’s defeat. Disillusioned by military setbacks and Hitler’s increasingly unhinged leadership, chief architects Bormann and Himmler headed a top secret program to lay the foundations for the Nazi party’s descent into the underground. The war, it seemed, was a lost cause; survival as a political entity, to fight another day, was now all that mattered. A system was concocted whereby a legitimate government would be infiltrated with dependable undercover Nazis, who would coordinate operations and policies in the party’s favor. From this position, it was decided that Nazis could recover their strength and prepare for another conflict – the Third World War

About The Author

Curt Riess was born of Jewish-German origin in Wurzburg, Germany in 1902. As a young man, Riess studied in Paris, Munich, and Heidelberg, and spent time working as a merchant in both New York and Berlin. On a business trip to the USA he discovered his talent for journalism and decided to pursue a career in the industry. Riess’ first journalistic position was for a liberal 12 o’clock worksheet in Berlin, for which he also edited the sports section and throughout the 1920s he toured Europe as a reporter and film and theatre critic. In 1933, Riess was forced into exile and finally settled in Manhattan where he wrote for the Saturday Evening Post. Throughout the Second World War, he was heavily engaged in anti-Nazi activity, serving as a spy, and then, once the USA had joined the Allies, as a specialist in the United States Navy. His final military job was as a war correspondent for the Army, and as such he became well known for his exposure of the moral depravity of Adolf Hitler’s regime.

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