The Reconciliation Manifesto

Recovering the Land, Rebuilding the Economy

Arthur Manuel, Ronald Derrickson, Grand Chief Ronald Derrickson

A final, no-holds-barred message from Canada's leading Indigenous activist
Date Published :
October 2017
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Contributor(s) :
Naomi Klein
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781459409613
Pages : 312
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In this book, leading Indigenous rights activist Arthur Manuel offers a radical challenge to Canada and Canadians. He questions virtually everything non-Indigenous Canadians believe about their relationship with Indigenous peoples.

The Reconciliation Manifesto documents how governments are attempting to reconcile with Indigenous peoples without touching the basic colonial structures that dominate and distort the relationship. Manuel reviews the current state of land claims, tackles the persistence of racism among non-Indigenous people and institutions, decries the role of government-funded organizations like the Assembly of First Nations, and highlights the federal government's disregard for the substance of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples while claiming to implement it. Together, these circumstances amount to a false reconciliation between Indigenous people and Canada.

Manuel sets out the steps that are needed to place this relationship on a healthy and honourable setting. As he explains, recovering the land and rebuilding the economy are key.

Completed just months before Manuel's death in January 2017, this book offers an illuminating vision of what is needed for true reconciliation. Expressed with quiet but firm resolve, humour, and piercing intellect, The Reconciliation Manifesto is for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people who are willing to look at the real problems and find real solutions.

About The Author

ARTHUR MANUEL was a widely respected Indigenous leader and activist from the Secwepemc Nation. He entered the world of Indigenous politics in the 1970s, as president of the Native Youth Association. He went on to serve as chief of the Neskonlith Indian Band near Chase, BC, and elected chair of the Shuswap Nation Tribal Council. He was also active in the Assembly of First Nations and a spokesman for Defenders of the Land, an organization dedicated to environmental justice. Manuel is the co-author of Unsettling Canada: A National Wake Up Call, with Grand Chief Ron Derrickson. This book won the 2015 Canadian History Association Literary Award He was known internationally, having advocated for Indigenous rights and struggles at the United Nations, The Hague, and the World Trade Organization.

GRAND CHIEF RONALD DERRICKSON served as Chief of the Westbank First Nation from 1976 to 1986 and from 1998 to 2000. He was made Grand Chief by the Union of BC Indian Chiefs in 2012. Grand Chief Derrickson is one of the most successful Indigenous business owners in Canada.

GRAND CHIEF RONALD DERRICKSON served as Chief of the Westbank First Nation from 1976 to 1986 and from 1998 to 2000. He was made Grand Chief by the Union of BC Indian Chiefs in 2012. Grand Chief Derrickson is one of the most successful Indigenous business owners in Canada.




Speech at the Funeral of Arthur Manuel

Naomi Klein


Our Struggle

Grand Chief Ronald Derrickson


Chapter 1
     The Second Coming

Chapter 2     Beginning at the Beginning

Chapter 3     White Supremacy — The Law of the Land

Chapter 4     From Dispossession to Dependency

Chapter 5     From Dependency to Oppression


Chapter 6
     The Race Question

Chapter 7     Reserves as Holding Pens


Chapter 8
     We Stole it Fair and Square

Chapter 9     Attempted Genocide: Political Battles with Pierre Trudeau

Chapter 10     Changing Legal and Policy Landscape — 1984–2014

Chapter 11     Tsilhqot’in Case and Crown Title

Chapter 12     British Columbia Commission Treaty Process

Chapter 13     Rightful Title Holders

Chapter 14     Risk and Uncertainty

Chapter 15     Revenge of the Balance Sheet


Chapter 16
     Neocolonialism, or Selling Our Birthright

Chapter 17     Where Have the Leaders Gone?

Chapter 18     Around the Mulberry Bush

Chapter 19     The Grassroots Struggle: Defenders of the Land and Idle No More

Chapter 20     Unity Around a Strong Position


Chapter 21
     The International Stage

Chapter 22     Constitutional Deadlock and the International Option

Chapter 23     What the UN says about Self-Determination

Chapter 24     Canada’s Human Rights Treaties

Chapter 25     CERD: Early Warning and Urgent Action

Chapter 26     International Recognition of Our Proprietary Rights

Chapter 27     UNDRIP and the Trudeau Betrayal


Chapter 28
     The Reconciliation SWAT Team

Chapter 29     Reconciliation Framework Agreements


Chapter 30
     Defending Our Land

Chapter 31     The Legal Billy Club

Chapter 32     Blockading a Mine

Chapter 33     Criminalization of Protest

Chapter 34     Non-violence, but not Passive Acceptance

Chapter 35     Resisting the Carbon Bomb

Chapter 36     Defending Mother Earth

Chapter 37     The Long-Term Approach

Chapter 38     Declaring Sovereignty on the Ground

Chapter 39     Standing with Standing Rock

Chapter 40     Death of a Warrior


Chapter 41
     Our Inalienable Rights

Chapter 42     Back to the Future

Chapter 43     The Six-Step Program to Decolonization


• Open Letter to Pope Francis

• Open Letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations

• Open Letter to the Queen of Canada

• Open Letter to the Chief Justice of Canada

• Open Letter to the Defenders of the Land


Settling with Canada: A Debt Coming Due

Grand Chief Ronald Derrickson

Appendix: “Are you a Canadian?”

About the Authors



"I am so privileged to have been friends with Arthur for two decades. During that time, he changed the way I see this country and the world... He helped to lead our movements, and protect the land and water, until his final breath."

- Naomi Klein, on death of Arthur Manuel

"[O]ne of the most important texts on truth and reconciliation ever written. The Reconciliation Manifesto is a cogent step-by-step look at how Canada's colonial past created our present situation, and provides decolonizing strategies for the future.

...well-seasoned with [Manuel's] sense of humour... The Reconciliation Manifesto is an extremely valuable resource for those who are fighting for decolonization. For other readers, it may simply serve to dispel myths about Canada's colonial history. Decolonizing is a massive undertaking, and, fortunately, we've got many great Indigenous minds on the job.

...The Reconciliation Manifesto offer[s] strength and solidarity to Indigenous readers, and a generous guide to ally-ship for non-Indigenous readers. For the latter, these books will unsettle, but to engage in ally-ship is to commit to being unsettled — all the time."

- Carleigh Baker, The Globe and Mail

"[E]ffectively puts the current conversation around reconciliation into the rightful context... Manuel is refreshingly pro- active, creative, and importantly, persuasive (not to mention witty)... the tone is generally hopeful... the writing is accessible. The Reconciliation Manifesto can be read as an introductory text for Canadians who have little understanding of colonialism; or, as an intervention into counter-hegemonic theorizing...this is nonetheless a tremendously important book for multiple audiences."

- Hayden King, Beausoleil First Nation, Director of the Centre of Indigenous Governance at Ryerson University

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