The Royal Navy Lynx

An Operational History

Larry Jeram-Croft

* Larry Jeram-Croft flew the Lynx of HMS Andromeda during the Falklands War.

* This book details all the milestones of the Lynx's career since its entry into service in 1976 to the present day, whilst simultaneously offering a unique cockpit perspective on events.

* If sinking ships is a Navy's primary job, then the Lynx is arguably one of the
Date Published :
April 2017
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Pen and Sword
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200 illustrations, integrated throughout.
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781473862517
Pages : 384
Dimensions : 9.75 X 7 inches
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This book tells the story of an incredibly capable naval aircraft, based primarily on the words of those who flew and maintained it. Beginning with the Lynx's entry into service in 1976, it goes on to discuss its remarkable performance in the Falklands War. Here it was used in both its primary roles of antisubmarine and anti-surface warfare, as well as several others for which it had never been designed, such as Airborne Early Warning and anti-Exocet missile counter measures.

The Lynx has been continuously employed in the Gulf from 1980 until the present day. What is not generally known is the fact that these aircraft were responsible for effectively destroying the Iraqi navy, sinking over fifteen warships in a matter of a weeks. All related operational details are included here.

Also included are accounts of operations conducted around the world, including anti-drug interdiction, Arctic deployments, Search and Rescue, hurricane relief, as well as a few notable mishaps. Also described is the development of the aircraft from the Mark 2 to the current Mark 8 (SRU), bringing the narrative fully up to date.

Although only a snapshot, the stories narrated here offer the reader a real understanding of the capabilities of an aircraft with a truly remarkable history of service.

About The Author

Larry Jeram-Croft spent thirty years in the Royal Navy. He trained as an Aircraft Engineer and then as a helicopter pilot. He was awarded a Queen’s Commendation for Search and Rescue duties and flew the Lynx of HMS Andromeda during the Falklands War. Retiring from the RN in 2000 as a Commander, he worked in industry before retiring for a second time. He then bought a yacht and lived in the Caribbean with Fiona, his wife, before returning to the UK to write. He now lives in Somerset where, apart from writing, he continues to fail to hit a golf ball with any skill whatsoever.


"The author has provided a comprehensive account of the hugely successful service of the Lynx since its entry into service in 1976. All you need to know about a great aircraft, very highly recommended."

- FIRE Reviews

"The RN Lynx should be remembered as having an outstanding record over four decades and it deserves to have a book written about it that will ensure its proper place in history. This is that book and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone with an interest in the modern Navy."

- Warship World, May/June 2017

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