The SS and the Occult

Date Published :
October 2013
Publisher :
Pen and Sword Digital
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ISBN : 5060247621050
Pages : 50
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Heinrich Himmler was the creator of the infamous Gestapo, the Waffen SS and the concentration camp network. Himmler was inspired by mystic visions, runes, horoscopes and a longing for a heroic German past which drove him to adopt an official policy which rested on an arcane set of beliefs in the occult roots of the Third Reich. This powerful film revisits the sites most closely associated with Himmler and traces the development of his warped ideology.

The expansion of the SS was the brainchild of Heinrich Himmler. He was the driving force behind the whole dark edifice and was also a believer in the arcane and the occult who felt that Germany’s future was shaped by powerful forces rooted in its pagan past. Himmler believed in astrology, ariosophy, cast horoscopes and developed a range of pseudomasonic rituals that he believed would help to drive his creation towards a new Aryan dawn.

This powerful new study of Himmler and his SS Empire presented by Emmy AwardTM winning historian Bob Carruthers revisits this fascinating and often overlooked aspect of the Third Reich. The film incorporates rare footage and photographs with visits to the surviving SS sites today including the Thingplatz at Heidelberg and includes a glimpse the mysterious inner sanctum of the SS castle at Wewelsburg.

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