The Titanic's Last Hero

A Story of Courageous Heroism and Unshakable Faith

Moody Adams

Date Published :
March 2012
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Historical Indexes
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14 photographs
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ISBN : 9780983610311
Pages : 168
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There is more to the sinking of the Titanic than a historic tragedy. Courageous heroism and unshakable faith inspire all who know the story about the tragic events of that bitterly cold night a century ago. The Hollywood movies about the Titanic provide a great drama. The exhibit of hundreds of artifacts recovered from the ship provide great intrigue. But this story about John Harper will provide life-changing import to those who have read it.

Harper stood as a giant of unselfishness in a world where most men are obsessed with looking out for “number one,” a giant of sacrifice in a world where most men are unwilling to deprive themselves, a giant of passion for souls in the world where few men possess a deep desire for the salvation of their fellow man.

The book includes the John Harper story as told by Lowell Lytle (portraying Captain E.J. Smith) at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson, Missouri, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and elsewhere.
This reprint of the original 1997 book now includes several pages of John Harper and Titanic related editorial comments by titanic historian Lee W. Merideth.

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