Tigers In Combat

Volume III - Operation, Training, Tactics

Wolfgang Schneider

Date Published :
September 2022
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Illustration :
1200 B&W photos and diagrams; 8pp color phots and illustrations
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781910777978
Pages : 520
Dimensions : 12 X 8.75 inches
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781804510414
Pages : 520
Dimensions : 12 X 8.75 inches
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Tigers in Combat Vol 3 closes the gap between the unit histories of volumes 1 and 2 and the technical descriptions in the Jentz and Spielberger books. For the first time, efforts are described in detail of what was taken to create units and what was required to keep the Tiger tank in action regarding handling and operating the vehicle. Other chapters deal with crew training and specific tactical aspects to employ such a heavy tank under all fighting conditions. Further aspects are covered, such as the protection level of the Tiger and reasons for losses - as well as propaganda work with this famous beast. Due to the usage of more than 1,200 photos and drawings, even complex crew tasks and procedures are illustrated in a way that non-Tiger crewmen will be able to comprehend.

About The Author

Wolfgang Schneider served 41 years in the German Army and retired in 2010. He is armor officer and left the army as Oberst having served in command functions up to deputy commander of a Panzerbrigade. About half of the service time he was responsible for combat development, procurement and doctrines. He started work as an author of numerous military articles in 1979 and also wrote several books on technology and employment of armored vehicles. He is married, has three daughters and lives in central Germany near Hannover.


“A large format, hardback book and one I think I can say has immediately jumped to be among the top of my list for best books on the Tiger tank.”

- Military Model Scene

“It should come in handy not only for modelers, but also for fans of WWII. In one big book you will find a lot of different illustrations and extensive text, which will introduce you to different aspects of the tank.”

- DetailScaleView

“As with all the chapters, this one is profusely illustrated with photographs of the vehicles, and I am pleased to say most are ‘new to me’ … This is an excellent book for those with a passion for the Tiger Tank ... Recommended.”

- Scale Military Modeller International

"Very highly recommended to historians, armour fans and military model makers."

- Tankette

"I cannot recommend this book highly enough for fans of German armour."

- Military Modelcraft International

“The major insights into all aspects of tank design, operating, and living conditions mean that it has appeal across a broad spectrum of modern warfare enthusiasts. A real eye-opener, by an expert on Panzer warfare.”

- Miniature Wargames

"It's a work of almost biblical scope, and coupled with the previous two volumes, that I really must track down, it makes a complete reference for the legendary Tiger. If you want such a thing, then this is for you, and it'll also keep you busy reading for quite some time.”"

- Britmodeller

“Even if you're not a die-hard Tiger fan, there is so much material and detail in this colossal 520-page book that there is something for almost every student and aficionado of military history.”

- The Armourer

"Thanks to Wolfgang Schneider, within these pages is probably all there is to be known about the Tiger tank and, certainly as far as Volume III is concerned, it is a remarkable work of scholarship, a sound and definitive reference, and a very fun read. Five [stars] because I'm not allowed to award six. *****"

- Army Rumour Service

"The pictures in the book, let alone all of the diagrams, are worth its price... On every page you will learn a new fact or tidbit of Tiger history. My hat is off to Mr. Schneider and Helion&Company for this book."

- A Wargamers Needful Things

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