Titanic Names

A Complete List of the Passengers and Crew

Lee Merideth

Date Published :
November 2011
Publisher :
Historical Indexes
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RMS Titanic steamed into a brilliant sunset on the cold night of April 14, 1912, with 2,208 people on board. Some books have included lists of the passenger names and a few even included the crew. None of them, however, included both and none are as thorough and accurate as Titanic Names: A Complete List of the Passengers and Crew (Titanic Centennial Edition).

Designed for the casual reader and the serious researcher, two lists grace its pages; one for the passengers and one for the crew. The lists include the following: name, (for women, listed by both their maiden and married names); if they survived or not; age; residence; class of service; place of embarkation; destination; if they survived, what lifeboat they were on; if they perished but their body was recovered, where they were buried; who they traveled with, reason for the trip or some other interesting bit of information; maids and servants are listed under their own name; families are listed together; job titles and the department in which each crew member worked and other useful and important information.

The result is a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the people aboard Titanic on that disastrous voyage. Unique, impressive in scope, definitive in both content and presentation and with over 13,000 copies in print, Titanic Names will take its place in the top tier of indispensable Titanic titles.

NOTE: This is the updated version of the companion volume to Lee W. Merideth’s best selling 1912 Facts About Titanic.

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