U-Boats Around Ireland

The Story of the Royal Navy’s Coast of Ireland Command in the First World War

Guy Warner

Date Published :
October 2018
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ISBN : 9781780731766
Pages : 240
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In 1914 Ireland was a naval backwater with only one base of any size. However, by the end of WWI, there were 18 naval bases operated by thousands of personnel, hundreds of ships of all sizes and dozens of aircraft. Ireland had become a crucial theatre of the war, fundamental in winning the campaign to defeat the German U-boats.

About The Author

Guy Warner is a retired schoolteacher and former MOD civil servant, who grew up in Newtownabbey in Northern Ireland, attending Abbots Cross Primary School and Belfast High School before going to Leicester University and later Stranmillis College. He now lives in Greenisland, Co Antrim with his wife Lynda. He also has two grown up daughters and three grandchildren. He is the author of over twenty five books and booklets on aviation past and present and has written hundreds of articles for magazines in the UK, Ireland and the USA. He also reviews books for several publications, gives talks to local history societies etc and has appeared on TV and radio programmes, discussing aspects of aviation history.

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