Union Soldiers in the American Civil War

Facts and Photos for Readers of All Ages

Lance J. Herdegen

Union Soldiers in the American Civil War offers a complete guide for Civil War enthusiasts of all ages to better understand these men.
Date Published :
August 2018
Publisher :
Savas Beatie
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90 images
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781611213393
Pages : 168
Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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Some Confederates called him a “Bluebelly,” “Mudsill,” and even a “Lincolnite” (for President Abraham Lincoln), but the name that has carried down through the decades is simply “Billy Yank.” Author Lance Herdegen tells his fascinating multi-faceted story in Union Soldiers in the American Civil War.

Union Soldiers offers a complete guide for Civil War enthusiasts of all ages. Herdegen employs nearly 100 photographs coupled with clear and concise prose broken down into short, easy to understand chapters to better understand these men. Coverage includes such varied topics as the organization of the Union Army, learning to be soldiers, winter campaigning, photography, sick call, nurses, religion, discipline, prisoner of war camps, weaponry, uniforms, as well as numbers and losses and the strengths of the various Union armies. It also examines the participation of U.S. Color Troops and the role played by African Americans during the Civil War. This handy reference book includes a list of Civil War points of interest, some bookshelf suggestions, and a glossary of Civil War terms.

Experienced Civil War buffs will find Union Soldiers in the American Civil War an invaluable quick reference guide, and one that makes an excellent gift for introducing the Civil War to anyone of any age.

About The Author

Award-winning journalist Lance J. Herdegen is the former director of the Institute of Civil War Studies at Carroll University. He previously worked as a reporter and editor for the United Press International (UPI) news service covering national politics and civil rights. He presently is historical consultant for the Civil War Museum of the Upper Middle West.


"Herdegen (Into the Bloody Railroad Cut at Gettysburg, 2016) has brought together a wide range of facts and photos in a lively, organized compilation. The concise, well-written descriptions of the lives and everyday activities of ordinary Northern soldiers and sailors will help the reader understand daily life in the Union Army. The 118 black-and-white photos and images, largely from the Library of Congress, further illustrate the impact of the war years on the fighters and their families. An accurate index, suggested readings, and lists of survivors and casualties will make the work of interest to knowledgeable readers as well as novices in public and academic libraries."

- Booklist

“…unreservedly recommended for the personal reading lists of dedicated American Civil War buffs and community library American Civil War History collections.”

- Midwest Book Review

"Lance Herdegen has created a wonderful summation of the experiences and life of the Union soldier in the Civil War. Generously illustrated and chock-full of first person quotes, it will delight long time Civil Warriors as well as new enthusiasts."

- Thomas G. Clemens, editor of The Maryland Campaign of September 1862

"Lance Herdegen’s Union Soldiers is an excellent primer for both the Civil War novice and the veteran campaigner. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it…What a delightful book!"

- John Michael Priest, author of “Stand to It and Give Them Hell”: Gettysburg as the Soldiers Experienced It from Cemetery Ridge to Little Round Top, July 2, 1863

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