US Cavalry, 1865-1890

Patrolling the Frontier

José Antonio Mayoralas

Date Published :
January 2007
Publisher :
Andrea Press
Series :
Historical Warriors
Illustration :
full color throughout
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9788496527874
Pages : 52
Dimensions : 10.75 X 7.5 inches
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The US Cavalry is a theme that reminds the reader of some of the most heroic actions in the military history of all times and at all the corners of the globe. This body, surrounded by the myths that made the US Cavalry known worldwide has seen how its image was either glorified with great campaigns idealized mainly by Hollywood, which were really nothing of the sort, or depicted too negatively with cruel actions, sometimes over exaggerated by subjective accounts.

This book, pertaining the Historical Warriors collection, provides a brief introduction through various chapters, to what was the US Cavalry between 1865 and 1890, handling themes such as the myth and reality of this military body, its composition after the Succession War, the migration of the colonists and the role of the cavalry in the so called ‘Indian problem’.

From a strictly human viewpoint, the book also reveals the cavalry’s social characteristics, in chapters dedicated to soldiers and officers’ lifestyle and the cavalry’s origins within the state of the American society of the epoch, as well as interesting introduction on discipline and life in the fort and on campaign. As far as the cavalry as a body is concerned, the book takes a look at the formation of the different regiments, combat strategies used during the Indian wars and in the great campaigns, equipment and armor, horses and their care and the different uniforms from the Civil War up to the last modifications, not forgetting to mention civilian clothing.

The final chapters detail the main actions and portray the key players in this epic adventure.

All the chapters are illustrated with photographs from the epoch, color illustrations, maps and diagrams, providing the reader with greater enjoyment of this essential work for those fascinated by military history.

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