Würzburg Radar & Mobile 24KVA Generator

Alan Ranger

This new photo album in the MMP/Stratus "Camera On" series, contains 140+ photos of Würzburg Radar & Mobile 24KVA Generator
Date Published :
December 2019
Publisher :
Series :
Camera ON
Illustration :
140+ B&W photos
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ISBN : 9788365958532
Pages : 80
Dimensions : 11.7 X 8.3 inches
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This new photo album is number 18 in the MMPBooks/Stratus "Camera On" series and is the first to cover such equipment as this historically significant mobile radar and its associated power generation equipment the book contains 140+ photographs of the Wurzburg Radar & various sub-types, its power generation sets and many of the types of prepared & temporary installations it operated from, the majority of the photos being from private collections taken by ordinary German soldiers not professional propagandists. In this volume we endeavour to show this rarely illustrated equipment in some detail but still show it as the soldiers viewed it as both their work place and also their home, not the highly posed and polished views of the official photographers.
This book is an invaluable reference for military historians and modellers alike

About The Author

The author is a British acknowledged expert in this field.

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