War and Conquest

Epic Battles in the Ancient and Medieval World

Rob Broom

Date Published :
June 2012
Publisher :
Scarab Miniatures
Illustration :
full color
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ISBN : 9780957114609
Pages : 176
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Become a great commander from history and shape destiny!

Taking an army of models soldiers, you can recreate a famous battle, or simply enjoy a relaxing game with friends across the tabletop.

War and Conquest is an exciting and dynamic publication, with a modern and contemporary look. The book specifications gives customers a rich, quality product to match the visuals. The book is fully illustrated with photographs throughout. These - in conjunction with the captions - explain the rules further and were all taken especially for the book.

Written by Rob Broom. Design and layout by Pete Borlace. Both worked at Games Workshop where Rob was Warhammer Historical Manager. Joint projects included Warhammer Ancient Battles and the 'Legends' series.

Advertising support: Reviews of the game can be found in forthcoming issues of Wargames Illustrated, Miniature Wargames, Battlegames and Wargames Soldier Strategy. All alongside an advertising campaign and online activity.

Player support: Free army lists online via the Scarab Miniatures forum.


"Even readers who are not into wargaming should enjoy thumbing through this 176-page, full-color book because it is so richly illustrated and beautifully presented. Wonderfully painted figures appear in varied battle scenarios throughout. Writing in a reader-friendly manner, the author details how miniature armies can be deployed to re-create an entire famous battle or to simply enjoy a relaxing game with friends across a tabletop. The superb photos are complemented by nicely done captions that help explain the core rules further. A reader should be ready to muster an army, move, shoot and resolve the outcome of combat in no time flat. High production values obviously went into creating this hardcover book. "War & Conquest” is informative and a graphic treat to peruse, making it a useful and colorful asset in any enthusiast's library. "

- Toy Soldier and Model Figure , October 2012

"…really beautifully made book. It is hardbound and very sturdy… lots of glossy pictures of nicely painted figures showing the troop movements; instead of the old school way of showing black and white box diagrams…. I really can't say enough about this book. It is written by Rob Broom and the design and layout were done by Pete Borlace, both of whom worked at Games Workshop on some of the Warhammer projects. As a result, they know what they are talking about when they put these rules together. …I especially like was how everything is supported on their website. You can buy the books or sets with soldiers and rules, go to the forum and communicate with other players on battles, or get worksheets and things that other players have done to help with the flow of the game.”

- IPMS , March 2013