Warfare in New Kingdom Egypt

Paul Elliott

The 3rd century was a turbulent and testing time for the Empire. This work looks at the new styles of arms and armour comparing construction, use and effectiveness to the more familiar types of Roman kit used by soldiers in earlier wars. The changes enabled the empire to adapt—to emerge in the 4th century able to tackle the challenges of a new age.
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June 2017
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Fonthill Media
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Color and B&W
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781781555804
Pages : 176
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The New Kingdom of Egypt marks the apogee of military organisation and preparedness. Beginning the era under foreign occupation, the Egyptians built up an army to challenge the invaders and liberate their land. Using the newest battlefield technologies (bows, chariots, and hand weapons), the new pharaohs pushed the frontiers of the New Kingdom into Syria and Ethiopia. This is the era of Set I, Ramses II, and Tuthmosis III, the greatest military pharaohs in Egyptian history.

Warfare in New Kingdom Egypt narrates this incredible rise to power, describing in detail the way in which the Egyptian war machine was structured, how it was supplied, and how it fought. It considers all aspects, some often neglected, such as campaign tents, logistics, and rations, in addition to the design of hand weapons and bows. Various kits have been reconstructed for the book, giving the reader a very immediate sense of what an Egyptian warrior’s equipment looked like.

About The Author

Paul Elliott has a degree in Ancient History and Archaeology and has written books on military history, cults and secret societies. His previous books for Fonthill were Legions in Crisis and A Roman Soldier on Hadrian’s Wall. He has also written several articles for Ancient Warfare magazine. For the past decade he has been active in historical reconstruction and even taught Roman drill and cookery to primary school children.


“Impressively informative and exceptional well written, organized and presented, "Warfare in New Kingdom Egypt" by historian Paul Elliott is unreservedly recommended and will prove to be a critically acclaimed addition to both community and academic library Egyptology and Egyptian History collections and supplemental studies lists.”

- Midwest Book Review

“This is a very useful work for anyone interested in ancient warfare, and particular good for the relative novice.”

- The NYMAS Review, Winter 2018

“Elliott writes clearly, and uses numerous illustrations, with many images in color, to help the reader understand how weapons were used, and an interesting appendix on how to make a proper shield and another on contemporary military terminology. Warfare in New Kingdom Egypt is a very useful work for anyone interested in ancient warfare, and particularly good for the relative novice.”

- StrategyPage

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