Warfare in Northern Europe Before the Romans

Evidence from Archaeology

Julie Rosemary Wileman

Date Published :
June 2014
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Illustration :
30-40 Illustrations
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Julie Wileman challenges the traditional view of the barbaric fighting which went on prior to the Roman occupation of Northern Europe as she uncovers the true nature of warfare before the Romans. Aspects investigated include what war meant in a pre-state society, the many levels of battle and warfare, the reasons why prehistoric people fought, evidence of early attacks and massacres, ways in which prehistoric war can be identified, heroic warfare, and the rise of war in the Iron Age. Wileman also looks at the Roman evidence for the portrayal of the drunken, savage and barbaric fighting as well as the tactics they employed against one another, why certain battles were won and lost, and which aspects went on to influence Roman warfare in later centuries.

Warfare in Northern Europe Before the Romans provides an exciting read for both archaeologists and military historians interested in how warfare developed outside of classical Europe as well as being one of the only books in the area accessible to the non-academic reader.

About The Author

After originally training as a teacher, Julie studied archaeology at UCL and the University of Winchester before teaching archaeology at the University of Winchester, the University of Surrey, WEA and local groups through talks and lectures. She is currently Visiting Research Fellow of the University of Winchester. Julie has worked on numerous sites and projects and was previously Finds Officer at a medieval leper hospital. Her archaeological experience is varied and she has previously published books on warfare and the archaeology of childhood. Julie is the author of Pen and Sword Archaeology title ‘Warfare in Northern Europe Before the Romans’.

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