Wargame The American Civil War

Peter Dennis

Date Published :
October 2017
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Contributor(s) :
Andy Callan
Series :
Battle in America
Illustration :
100's of finely details ills of soldiers
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ISBN : 9781912174126
Pages : 48
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In the 'Battle in America' series, well-known historical illustrator Peter Dennis breathes life back into the 19th century paper soldier, supplying all the artwork needed to create the armies which fought for and against the Union across the United States. Here the blue and the grey regiments can clash again, using simple rules from Veteran wargamer Andy Callan.

Although the figures can be used with any of the commercial sets of wargame rules, an introduction to wargaming and a simple set of rules by veteran wargamer Andy Callan is included, along with buildings, trees and even artillery along with daring rebel cavalry and colorful Zouaves. 

About The Author

Peter Dennis is a well-known historical illustrator who has contributed to hundreds of books. He is best known in the military history world for his work for Osprey Publishing. Here, he combined his loves of Illustration, wargames and british history in his revival of the paper soldier.

Andy Callan has written many articles in wargames magazines and is renowned for his innovative approach to wargaming.


"Another inspiring volume of paper soldiers by Peter Dennis...this book offers interesting rules at a very reasonable price that won't require intensive study to understand and that you will enjoy playing.”

- Miniature Wargames

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