Wars and Battles of Ancient Greece

Paul Chrystal

This is the thrilling story of Greece's endless battling and warring in the Mediterranean region. It is a detailed survey of conflict in ancient Greece from the Mycenaean Age to the end of the Peloponnesian War, based on primary sources—mainly Herodotus, Thucydides and other historians but also poets, dramatists and inscriptional evidence.
Date Published :
September 2018
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Fonthill Media
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ISBN : 9781781556818
Pages : 208
Dimensions : 9.25 X 6.15 inches
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One of the most popular areas of ancient history is war in the Greek world. The number of books, articles, web pages and blogs on every conceivable aspect of war in ancient Greece is endless, and continues to grow. So why add to the pile? Wars & Battles of Ancient Greece is not just another arid account of wars and battles, with endless, often exaggerated, casualty figures and repetitive tactics. It is different from most other books in the field because it has context as its focus: each of the battles covered is, where sources permit, placed in its historical, political and social context: why was the battle fought, how was it fought, what was the outcome, and what happened next ? No war or battle has ever been fought in isolation – there is always a prelude, a casus belli and a series of consequences. These are revealed wherever possible for each of the wars and battles in this book.

In order to reinforce our focus on context the book includes chapters covering warfare in civilizations and cultures before Greece ; the Greek war machine; and Greek women and conflict.

About The Author

Paul Chrystal is the author of some seventy books published over the last decade, including publications on Leeds’s architecture and history, and on conflict and warfare: Leeds in 50 Buildings (2015), Central Leeds Through Time (2016), Wars and Battles of the Roman Republic (2014), Roman Military Disasters (2015) and Women and War in Ancient Greece and Rome (forthcoming 2017). He is a regular contributor to history magazines, local and national newspapers and has appeared on BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service and on BBC local radio throughout Yorkshire, and in Teesside and Manchester.

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