We Came, We Saw, God Conquered

The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth's military effort in the relief of Vienna, 1683

Michał Paradowski

There are many books available in English, describing siege of Vienna and relief action in 1683, unfortunately they tend to be full of errors and misconceptions regarding Polish army - its organisation, strength and activities during the battle. In this volume author, using many primary and secondary Polish sources, presents detailed study of the a
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December 2021
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Helion and Company
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Century of the Soldier
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89 b/w ills, 16 b/w photos, 8pp color plates, 6 maps, 50 tables
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781914059742
Pages : 248
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Previous Polish experience from the war against Ottoman Turks in 1672-1676 made their contribution vital for coalition war effort in 1683. No surprise then, that Sobieski was chosen as commander of joint forces and that Poles deployed on ancient place of honor in army battle order – on the right wing. Many Polish researchers, like Jan Wimmer, Leszek Podhorodecki or Zdzisław Żygulski Junior (to name just few), wrote extensively about the topic, unfortunately their works are not available in English. In this volume author attempts to present to English-speaking readers Polish point of view on the battle and the role of Polish army in the conflict.

There are detailed information about organization and strength of the army that Jan III led to Vienna: structure, weapons and equipment of the units, even on the company level. All formations, from winged hussars to artillery, are covered. Command staff – from King to high ranking officers – will be presented as well. Book won’t focus solely on relief of Vienna though. Remaining actions of the 1683’s campaign are described as well, with both battles of Párkány and arrival of Lithuanian army, Polish and Cossack actions in Podolia and Moldavia, that were always in shadow of main events of 1683; finally organization and military actions of troops under command of Hieronim Augustyn Lubomirski, raised as Imperial auxiliary division in Poland.

Book is based on many primary and secondary sources, including diaries, letters and surviving muster rolls of the units and whole army. Many of them were not previously available in English, so they will provides interesting insight into 17th century view of the army and campaign.

About The Author

Michał Paradowski is independent Polish researcher, living in Scotland. While interested in both 16th and 17th century warfare, his main field of study are Polish-Swedish wars waged between 1621 and 1635. He published historical articles in Polish, English, Russian and French; also, a book (in Polish) ‘Studies and Materials regarding wars against Sweden 1600-1635’ (NapoleonV, 2013). His first contribution for ‘Century of the Soldier’ series was paper ‘Aston, Butler and Murray – British Officers in the Service of Polish Vasa Kings 1621-1634’, published as a part of ‘Britain turned Germany’ (Helion & Company, 2019), In his spare time he works as historical editor for Polish publishing house NapoleonV and historical consultant for ‘By Fire and Sword’ miniature game produced by Wargamer Games Studio Ltd. You can find his historical blog on http://kadrinazi.blogspot.co.uk/


"...the relief effort is covered in detail as the Polish-Lithuanian forces joined the Holy Roman Empire's forces in defeating the Turks and breaking the siege."

- Historical Miniatures Gaming Society

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