Welsh Yeomanry at War

A History of the 24th (Pembroke and Glamorgan) Battalion The Welsh Regiment

Steven John

* Focuses on one of the few battalions to fight in Egypt, Palestine and on the Western Front

* Fascinating insight of a regiment officered mainly by members of the Welsh landed gentry and one of the first black officers of the British Army

* Based on primary sources such as war diaries and letters, and includes many previously unpublished p
Date Published :
March 2017
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Pen and Sword
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50 integrated illustrations
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ISBN : 9781473867932
Pages : 192
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Soon after the outbreak of the Great War, following many years of part-time soldiering as cavalry troops on home defence duties, the members of various British Yeomanry regiments were asked to volunteer for overseas service. In 1916, officered by well-known members of the landed gentry, two of the Welsh Yeomanry regiments, the Pembroke Yeomanry and the Glamorgan Yeomanry, were amongst many who embarked for foreign service for the first time ever in their history. Spending the next twelve months in Egypt during the campaign against the Senussi tribesmen, the two regiments merged to form the 24th (Pembroke and Glamorgan Yeomanry) Battalion, Welsh Regiment, which joined the 74th (Yeomanry) Division to take part in the historic offensive into Palestine, that ultimately led to the liberation of the Holy City of Jerusalem after 400 years of Ottoman rule. In May 1918, after two years of hard campaigning in the Palestinian deserts, the 24th Welsh embarked for France with the rest of the 74th Division, joining the Allied forces in the victorious 100-day offensive against the Germans.

Welsh Yeomanry at War sheds new light on the battalions almost forgotten campaign in Palestine, which saw many of its troops killed and buried in the Holy Land, and also tells the enthralling story of its short but arduous period in France.

About The Author

STEVEN JOHN was born in Laugharne, west Wales. His move to Shropshire inspired an interest in his family tree, through which he discovered that his great-grandfather, David Thomas John, was killed in the Great War. This discovery led to Steven’s research in to the men of Laugharne who died in both world wars, and the eventual publication of his books Carmarthen Pals, Carmarthen in the Great War and Welsh Yeomanry at War.His latest work, the trilogy Welsh at War, is the culmination of his research on all aspects of the Welsh soldier during the Great War, and includes the stories of all of the Welsh infantry regiments during the conflict.


"Steven's account of a mainly forgotten campaign from the first world war sees two Welsh regiments in their attempt to liberate Palestine from Ottoman rule, and then it was off to France during the final months of the conflict in Europe. A fascinating and enthralling account of their contribution to two quite separate conflicts."

- Books Monthly

A well-rounded concise history with a lengthy and informative appendix section. A good unit history. 10/10

- The Great War Magazine

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