When Washington Burned

An Illustrated History of the War of 1812

Arnold Blumberg

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September 2012
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illustrated throughout
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ISBN : 9781612001012
Pages : 208
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To commemorate the bicentennial of the War of 1812, this book tells the complete story of the great conflict between a young United States of America and imperial Great Britain. From the roots of the conflict, through a profile of the two armies, to descriptions of the great battles and events of the war this work captures in one lavishly illustrated volume one of America's first great crises.

Scarcely three decades after the United States won its independence, the massive strength of Mother country returned, seeking to enforce its will on its wayward offspring. The combats were various in scale and ferocity, stretching from the wilds of the Canadian border to the swamps of New Orleans, while on the high seas the fledgling American navy slugged it out bravely with fearsome Brittania, achieving shocking success.

On land the Americans initially had less luck and witnessed the burning of their new capital at Washington DC by British redcoats, even as a gallant bastion off Baltimore continued to hold its flag high beneath the "rockets' red glare.” Though unnecessary at the end for geopolitical purposes (the war had already ended), General Andrew Jackson punctuated the conflict profoundly with a disastrous defeat of Wellington's veterans near the Crescent City.

Author Arnold Blumberg is a Visiting Scholar at the History Department of Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, and a contributor to a number of leading military history journals. Illustrated with 100 images of the fighting and the soldiers, this book illuminates an exciting, even if frequently forgotten, episode in our history.

About The Author

Arnold Blumberg, a native of Maryland, is a retired lawyer from the Maryland State Governement. He has for the past several years been a Visiting Scholar with the Classics Department of Johns Hopkins University. A frequent contributor to military history publications, he resides with his wife Marsha in Baltimore.



CHAPTER 1 The Road To War
CHAPTER 2 Amateurs To Arms
CHAPTER 3 Disaster At Detroit, Debacle At Queenston
CHAPTER 4 American Success At Sea
CHAPTER 5 Battle For The Lakes
CHAPTER 6 The Battles Of 1813
CHAPTER 7 Warships And Privateers
CHAPTER 8 The Niagara Front Ablaze
CHAPTER 9 Britain Invades America
CHAPTER 10 War In The South And The Battle Of New Orleans



Blumberg, a retired lawyer and contributor to military history publications, commemorates the bicentennial of the War of 1812 with this richly illustrated and detailed story of the conflict between the U.S. and Great Britain. The illustrations include period paintings, sketches, photographs, and a few other images of land and sea battles and the key personalities of the war.

- Book News, November 2012

"…Without drowning me in too much detail, When Washington Burned by Arnold Blumberg proved to be an excellent overview of the reasons both sides had to go to war and then ultimately seek to end what was really a pointless conflict. The battle information included brief histories of the commanding officers involved, the units involved, main maneuvers and casualties all accompanied by plenty of contemporary illustrations and some maps.If you want to put the war at sea into context with the land engagements this is a good book to start with.”

- Historical Naval Fiction.com, December 2012

"…spectacular and lavishly illustrated one volume treatise on America's First Great War as a united independent nation….features many rare illustrations, good maps, and an easy to grasp writing narrative style…a very good treatise on a much overlooked war.”

- Sea Classics Magazine, December 2012

"...an understandable account out of this disjointed war...The structure used has each chapter covering a distinct area. They are restricted to a geographic area. The genius of this approach is let you keep needed focus without covering everything happening on all fronts at the same time. The coverage of the Naval engagements is excellent. They receive their separate chapters.The illustrations are first-rate. The majority of the images are present-day. He makes skillful use of maps to show the more intricate campaigns. This is an excellent single volume history of the War of 1812. It explains what happened. It explains why it happened. The coverage is balanced with US and British material. The book would be an great addition for community libraries, school libraries and is a must for the personal library of military historians. It would also make a nice "coffee table book”.Arnold Blumberg and Casemate Publishing have provide a well needed, quality book on the War of 1812.

- Kepler's Military History, December 2013

If one is looking for a book that summarizes the Second War of Independence, as the War of 1812 has often been called, this is the book. There is something in this book for the aficionado as well as for the uninitiated.  When Washington Burned is a beautifully bound and richly illustrated volume that takes the reader through the war, start to finish.

- What Would the Founders Think?, August 2014

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