Whispers in the Tall Grass

Nick Brokhausen

The previously unpublished second volume of Nick Brokhausen's vivid and riveting memoir of his experiences in MACV-SOG in Vietnam.
Date Published :
October 2019
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ISBN : 9781612007755
Pages : 216
Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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Whispers in the Tall Grass is the second volume of Nick Brokhausen’s riveting memoir of his time serving in Recon Teams Habu and Crusader, CNN, part of MACV-SOG. These small recon teams, comprising Americans and indigenous Montagnards, conducted some of the most dangerous missions of the war, infiltrating areas controlled by the North Vietnamese in Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Picking up where We Few left off, Whispers in the Tall Grass opens as the war moves into a new phase. The enemy are using special formations to hunt recon teams and missions are now rarely accomplished without heavy contact. Despite the teams’ careful prep, losses are mounting. More and more missions are extracted by Bright Lights until eventually classic recon missions are almost impossible, and the teams briefly trial HALO insertion. Finally, as the US prepares to withdraw, the teams undertake back-to-back missions directing air strikes and disrupting supply lines to ease the pressure on the ARVN. Broken by the pace, but desperate not to leave the Yards, Brokhausen is ordered to out-process, his request for extension denied, and is forced to leave his friends—his brothers—behind.

Written in the same vivid, immediate style that made We Few a cult classic, Whispers in the Tall Grass follows Habu, Crusader and other teams as they undertake missions in this new, deadlier phase of the war. The narrative veers from hair-raising to tragic and back as the teams insert into hot targets, act as Bright Light for stricken teams, and play hard in between missions to diffuse the ever-rising tension.

Brokhausen’s account brings home the reality and the detail of operating for days within mere meters of the enemy, and movingly convey the bonds that war creates between soldiers.

About The Author

Special Forces veteran Nick Brokhausen joined the SOG on his second tour in Vietnam, and took part in some of the most dangerous missions of the war, deep in enemy territory. After Vietnam, Nick Brokhausen has led an interesting life, which has included work in security projects in a number of countries. He now runs a tech company and an armoring company.


"Brokhausen tells all in a masterfully gonzo style of reporting and recollection shaped by clever gallows humor which meshes with the immediacy and danger of the situation in ways only a true soldier can pull off."

- Booklist

"His command of language shows originality, particularly when he describes military feats and individual emotions."

- The VVA Veteran

“His account of suicidal missions behind the lines in Vietnam is in the best tradition of military memoirs, startlingly alive, and showing the bonds between comrades.”

- Leatherneck Magazine

"Reading with all the inherent and riveting drama of a deftly crafted novel, "Whispers in the Tall Grass" is unreservedly recommended for community and academic library 20th Century American Military History and Contemporary American Biography collections in general, and Vietnam War supplemental studies lists in particular."

- Midwest Book Review

"There is much here for the wargamer..''

- Miniature Wargames

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