Wingate Pasha

The Life of General Sir Francis Reginald Wingate 1861 - 1953

R.J.M Pugh

Date Published :
December 2011
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Pen and Sword
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27 b/w + 8 maps
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ISBN : 9781848845312
Pages : 320
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Wingate Pasha is the first biography of an eminent Scottish soldier-statesman who contributed much to the development of the Sudan and Egypt during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It tells the story of a man from an impoverished background with a rudimentary education who nonetheless mastered several foreign languages including Arabic. In 1884, Wingate joined the expeditionary force to relieve Khartoum, which arrived two days too late, General Gordon having been murdered. As Kitchener’s Military Intelligence Officer, Wingate was instrumental in assisting Kitchener in the recovery of Sudan from Dervish domination. As Governor-General of the Sudan, Wingate’s enlightened administration brought unprecedented political, social and economic prosperity to the Sudanese people.

In the First World War, Wingate played a leading role in organizing the Arab Revolt against the Turks, although it was his subordinate, T E Lawrence (of Arabia) who received the acclaim. After the war, as High Commissioner of Egypt, he continued to seek justice for the Egyptian people at the Paris Peace Conference which led to the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.

He retired from public life to Dunbar in Scotland and had a successful business career until he died in 1953.

About The Author

R J M Pugh is an author and historian.

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