With Trumpet, Drum and Fife

A short treatise covering the rise and fall of military musical instruments on the battlefield

Major Mike Hall

Date Published :
March 2013
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Illustration :
18 b/w ills
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781909384170
Pages : 114
Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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With Trumpet, Drum and Fife' is described as a 'short treatise covering the rise and fall of military musical instruments on the battlefield'. Despite there being a plethora of books about military music, 'With Trumpet, Drum and Fife' stands out from the crowd in that it explores new areas of the world of military musical instruments. It is easy to read format and conciseness unwraps a depth and breadth of detail contained within. The chapters of the book guide you from the Ancient World through to the Restoration and up to the modern day giving examples of the origins and developments of the instruments employed. The author gives unique and well-researched accounts of the role of drummers within the military environment. The text explores the historical context of land battles and the importance of signaling instruments used in times of conflict. The status and pecking order of musicians within the military and the unique development of Drummers' uniforms are also detailed with the images contained within the book highlighting specific areas of interest.

Mike Hall's personal knowledge and experiences of being a Senior Drum Major in the Coldstream Guards add polish and credulity to the content. Reading through the book you will uncover a mine of interesting information about the evolution of Drum and Fife duty and the historical roles of the Drum Major General and the Trumpet Major. The role of the Boy Drummer is discussed in relation to his importance on the battlefield and in the application of military discipline.

'With Trumpet Drum and Fife' is unique in its approach, is long overdue and fills a niche in military history.

About The Author

Major Mike Hall joined the Coldstream Guards as a boy drummer in 1960 at the age of fifteen years. After years of ceremonial duties and active service in the United Kingdom and overseas, he became the Senior Drum Major of the Regiment. Passionate about military music, Mike has written training manuals for the Army, co-authored the Drummers' Handbook, composed many musical scores culminating in the production of two CDs of Flute and Drum arrangements. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, Mike has been requested to give a series of lectures for student band masters at Kneller Hall on the subject of writing and arranging for Corps of Drums. In retirement, Mike continues to maintain strong links with The Corps of Drums Society in the role of Training Development Officer.

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