Mémoires à Omaha Beach Normandie, 6 juin 1944

Hein Severloh

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October 2015
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ISBN : 9782840484264
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In his moving autobiography, Heinrich Severloh recounts the largest amphibious landing operation in history. Severloh describes when the Allies, on D-Day, June 6, 1944, launched their dawn offensive on the Normandy coast against the Atlantic Wall with 7,000 ships and 13,000 aircraft. Severloh was positioned in his battle station on the fulcrum of 62 WN (Widerstandsnest 62), and for nine hours he fired his gun on the GI's who were on the beach –over 2,000 of them will not return.

In a ruthless and vividly told account, Severloh describes these dramatic hours during which 34,000 GIs landed in the sector called "Bloody Omaha,” and who collided with only 350 German soldiers, defending their posts defended fiercely. Severloh survived the deluge of fire during these events that were both terrifying and chaotic; memories of which would remain with him for the rest of his life. A large number of publications, as well as articles and television programs, have appeared throughout the years thanks to war historians, and have been immortalized under the name of Hein Severloh. Until the publication of this sad confession, the Americans did not know the name of the person who transformed their landing at Normandy into the horrific disaster that it was.

In collaboration with Helmut Freiherr von Keusgen , a specialist in military history, WN62 provides not only an exciting and highly detailed description of the Normandy landing and events, but also a new perspective about the events of that tragic day. The relationship between the Germans and French are thus presented in a different light. Heinrich Severloh tells the unvarnished truth with poignancy, clearing the slate of once held prejudices.

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