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Operation 'Dragoon' and Beyond

Then and Now

Jean Paul Pallud


Tenth Army Commander

The World War II Diary of Simon Bolivar Buckner Jr.

Christopher L. Kolakowski


Eyes on the Enemy

U.S. Military Intelligence in World War II

Chris McNab


Pacific Profiles Volume 12

Allied Fighters: P-51 & F-6 Mustang series New Guinea and the Philippines 1944-1945

Michael Claringbould


The Vistula-Oder Offensive

The Soviet Destruction of German Army Group A, 1945

Ian Baxter


Into the Endless Mist

Volume 1: The Aleutian Campaign, June-August 1942

Michal A. Piegzik


Allied Victory Over Japan 1945

Rare Photographs from Wartime Achieves

Jon Diamond


Hitler and Poland

How the Independence of one Country led the World to War in 1939

Norman Ridley


Churchill's German Spy

Revelations on Appeasement, Operation Torch and Nazi Intelligence from Double Agent Harlequin

David Tremain


U.S. Army Ford M8 and M20 Armored Cars

Didier Andres


The U.S. 37-mm Gun in World War II

Charles C Roberts Jr


Stanford Tuck

Hero of the Battle of Britain: The Life of the Great Fighter Ace

Helen Doe


Facing the Red Army in Festung Posen

First-Hand Accounts of German Soldiers on the Eastern Front in 1945

Hans Klapa, Alfred Kriehn


Air Battle for Leningrad


Dmitry Degtev, Dmitry Zubov


Damned Hunchbacks

Italy’s Forgotten Torpedo Bomber Units of the Second World War (1940-1943)

Paolo Morisi


Fallschirmjäger — In The Defense Of The Oder 1945

Schwedt, Zehden, Eberswalde, Seelow, Berlin

Eduardo Manuel Gil Martínez


Henschel Hs 126

Robert Panek


From Tobruk to Tunis

The Impact of Terrain on British Operations and Doctrine in North Africa 1940-1943

Neal Dando


Killing Hitler's Reich

The Battle for Austria 1945

William Alan Webb


Luftwaffe Eagle

A WW2 German Airman's Story

Erich Sommer, Erich Sommer


U.S. Army Diamond T Vehicles in World War II

Didier Andres, Alan McKay


The Darkest Hour

Volume 1: The Japanese Offensive in the Indian Ocean 1942 - The Opening Moves

Michal A. Piegzik


RAF Bomber Command

Strike Hard, Strike Sure 1936-1945

Ron Mackay


Fighting for the United States, Executed in Britain

US Soldiers Court-Martialled in WWII

Simon Webb


Focke-Wulf Ta 154

Luftwaffe Reich Defence Day and Night Interceptor

Dietmar Hermann


Red Army Auxiliary Armoured Vehicles, 1930–1945

Alexey Tarasov


Saipan 1944

The Most Decisive Battle of the Pacific War

John Grehan


Macchi C.202 Folgore 3rd Edition

Przemyslaw Skulski, Karolina Holda


Sub Hunters

Australian Sunderland Squadrons in the Defeat of Hitler’s U-boat Menace 1942-43

Anthony Cooper


Major General James A. Ulio

How the Adjutant General of the U.S. Army Enabled Allied Victory

Alan E Mesches


Wehrmacht in the Mud

Alan Ranger


Konev's Golgotha

Operation Typhoon Strikes the Soviet Western Front, October 1941

Michael Filippenkov


Red Trojan Horse

The Berling Army and the Soviet Annexation of Poland 1943-45

Evan McGilvray


Prelude to Berlin

The Red Army's Offensive Operations in Poland and Eastern Germany, 1945

Richard W Harrison, Richard W Harrison


Mexicans at War

Mexican Military Aviation in the Second World War 1941-1945

Santiago A. Flores


Knights of the Battle of Britain

Luftwaffe Aircrew Awarded the Knight's Cross in 1940

Chris Goss


Operation Market Garden

September 1944

Simon Forty, Tom Timmermans


The Falaise Gap Battles

Normandy 1944

Simon Forty, Leo Marriott


Combat History of the Panzer-Abteilung 103

September 1943 - August 1944

Norbert Számvéber


British Parachutes

Special Forces

Jean-Louis Perquin


Escape and Liberation, 1940-1945

Alfred John Evans


Darwin's Submarine I-124

The Story of a Covert Japanese Squadron Waging a Secret Underwater War Against Northern Australia

Dr Tom Lewis OAM