World War II Snipers

The Men, Their Guns, Their Stories

Gary Yee

A comprehensive illustrated history of snipers and their battlefield role in World War II.
Date Published :
May 2022
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Casemate Illustrated Special
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c.400 photos
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781636240985
Pages : 352
Dimensions : 10 X 8 inches
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A comprehensive illustrated history of snipers, their training and their battlefield role in all theaters in World War II.

Thousands of volumes have been published about World War II but relatively little attention has been given to the sniper. Drawing from memoirs, government documents and interviews, World War II Snipers incorporates eyewitness accounts to weave a comprehensive narrative of snipers in World War II.

While certain common traits were shared among belligerents, each had its unique methodology for selecting and training snipers and, as casualties were high, their replacements. Drawn from hunters, competitive shooters, natural marksmen, outdoorsmen, city dwellers, farmers and veteran soldiers, they fought to assert local battlefield dominance and instill among their enemy a paralyzing fear.

Sometimes admired and other times reviled by their own comrades because of the retaliation they drew, they were always too few in number. Their battlefield role, their victories and their defeats are retold here from neglected or forgotten sources.

The scope of World War II Snipers is extensive with three chapters each on the major theaters of the war including Western Europe, Eastern Europe and the Pacific. This is supported by a lengthy chapter on the sniper rifles used by the snipers and their equipment.

About The Author

Gary Yee has worked as a law enforcement firearms instructor, range master and as an armourer. A guest curator for the San Francisco War Memorial Veterans’ Building firearms collection, he recently curated and conserved La Veta’s Francisco’s Fort firearms collection. He has published internationally and is a life member of The Company of Military Historians, the National Rifle Association and the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association.


Part I: Selection & Training
Chapter 1: Prewar and Early War Years
Chapter 2: Selection
Chapter 3: Training

Part II: Wartime Sniping
Chapter 4: Western Europe, North Africa, and Italy
Chapter 5: Liberation of Northwestern Europe
Chapter 6: To the Rhine and the Elbe
Chapter 7: Drang Nach Osten
Chapter 8: The Stalingrad Kessel
Chapter 9: Nach Berlin!
Chapter 10: Far East
Chapter 11: Southwest Pacific Theater
Chapter 12; The South Pacific Theater and Asia

Part III: The Weapons
Chapter 13: Guns and Equipment

Notes to the text


"Thanks to Gary Yee’s lifelong fascination-turned scholarly and professional, he has drawn from memoirs, government documents, and interviews to gift us with World War II Snipers incorporating eyewitness accounts to weave a comprehensive narrative of their actions and importance in WWII."


"This is one neat book about snipers and their exploits."

- AMPS Indianapolis

"The breadth of topics covered by this book is outstanding. The level of detail is amazing, given how wide the scope of the volume is. The drawings, images and maps are well rendered, the writing is fluid and immensely descriptive."


"I think Gary Yee has done an exemplary job in World War II Snipers. It deserves to stand as both an achievement in telling the stories of those most secretive of soldiers, the snipers, whilst at the same time providing a unique historical insight into their tactical employment and effectiveness which is so frequently absent from post-war military histories. No reader buying this book should be disappointed for it deserves a place alongside the very best published work of its type."

- Martin Pegler, Former Senior Curator of Firearms at the Royal Armouries Museum

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