World War II Trivia

Fayth Dressel, Hannah Osborne

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August 2012
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illustrated throughout
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General Eisenhower personally watched the first planes take off carrying the U.S. paratroops that were to land in Normandy on the eve of the invasion of Normandy. It was reported that he had tears in his eyes.

Hitler reached the point where he had little need for money. Almost all of his expenses were paid for by the state. He stopped collecting royalties on his book "Mein Kampf" and by 1944 it was recorded that the book's publishers owed him 5,525,811 marks in uncollected royalties.

Adolf Hitler had a Nephew, Patrick Hitler, who served in the United States Army.

World War II Trivia explains these and other interesting facts about World War 2 and its major players.


a fun, interesting read that can grace a waiting room or be enjoyed any time someone wants an interesting quick read

- Military , February 2016

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