WWII Plans That Never Happened


Michael Kerrigan

Date Published :
April 2011
Publisher :
Amber Books
Illustration :
50 artworks and 200 photographs
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ISBN : 9781907446641
Pages : 224
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A Nazi scheme to capture the Pope, an IRA plan to invade Northern Ireland, a British plan to attack the Soviet Union after the defeat of Hitler or a Japanese seizure of the Panama Canal - it may sound unbelievable, but during World War II these operations and others as seemingly far-fetched were seriously considered by both the Allies and the Axis. World War II Plans That Never Happened tells the stories of some of the most secret and outrageous operations that were planned during the war, many of which could have taken place and might well have changed the course of history: from the German plan to seize bases in Spain and Portugal and invade Switzerland, to the Japanese plan to bomb the United States, to the American plan to use Marines to attack V-1 bases in Europe, and the British plan to invade Norway and Sweden in 1939/40.

On a spread-by-spread basis World War II Plans That Never Happened explains the context of each planned operation and explores whether it might have been successful, and what the impact might have been on the war if it had gone ahead. Arranged by type of operation, the book includes easy-to-read factboxes, informing the reader of the date, intended purpose and forces involved. In addition there are rare photographs, illustrations and maps to demonstrate that these were real operation actually seriously considered by the planning staffs.

Authoritatively written and with more than 250 color and black-and-white photographs, maps and illustrations, World War II Plans That Never Happened will prove fascinating to any World War II enthusiast.


"… is a fascinating look at some of the strangest and at times, unbelievable, plans and schemes of the Second World War…provides a good synopsis of each plan and equally fascinating are the reproductions of the actual declassified documents of the various schemes.”

- Defence Watch, February 2012

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