Author Submissions

Casemate Publishers commissions original, commercial publications by outstanding writers, on both general and more specialist military history.

We receive many unsolicited book-length submissions. While we always welcome new submissions, we ask that you do not send us a complete manuscript. Instead, in the first instance, please submit a single page synopsis of your project, a complete list of chapter headings, a sample chapter, a word and illustration count, information on the types of illustrations (eg: color photos, black & white photos, maps, drawings), five sample images, and a proposed timeline for submission of the manuscript to Casemate. Of equal, if not more importance, is your assessment of the potential market for your project. This last requirement is mandatory. For more guidance on this, please see below. Please also supply a brief description of your qualifications, the titles and ISBN numbers of any books you have already had published, your access to locations, archives, notable people in your field, and your years of participation/service in different organizations.

If we like what we see, we will ask for the rest of the manuscript or the balance of other materials available to you at the time. If not, we will let you know quickly. Once we receive your complete manuscript or materials, we may send it out for review. This process can take several weeks, or months.

 Market Assessment

It is extremely important that you, as the author, research the potential market for your book idea and summarize the results of your research in a market assessment.You should include in this the following information:

1. Competitive Books: Please check and record the performance of other recent comparable titles that have been published. There are many sources, such as Amazon, that will help you gather this information.

2. Context: Please consider the contextual nature of your book. Why should this book be published? Is it newsworthy? Is the content of the book current relevant to any current events or any events that will still be of interest for when the book goes to print (1-3 years from now).

3. Audience: Who is the audience for your book? General interest readers? Scholars? Enthusiasts? Please determine and describe the approximate number of readers who would be interested in your book. Please list any associations, organizations (professional or non-professional), clubs, groups, etc. and their approximate membership numbers.

4. Marketing Yourself Post-Publication: Which marketing efforts are you (and any co-authors) willing to take part in?

• Radio interviews;
• Book signings;
• Book sales at appropriate association gatherings?

5.Where Else Can We Sell Your Book? Do you have any other suggestions regarding any other special markets into which Casemate can market your book?

Please send your submissions to:

Ruth Sheppard
Casemate Publishers
1950 Lawrence Road
Havertown, PA 19083

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