Helion Series

Explore comprehensive military histories across eras and regions with Helion series! The series from Helion & Company offer an extensive range of military history books, covering various themes like regional war conflicts, in-depth studies of military evolution, and specialized series in topics such as wargames and military research.


africa at war book series


asiaat war book series


europe at war book series

Latin America@War

latin america at war book series

Middle East@War

middle east at war book series

From Retinue to Regiment

from retinue to regiment book series

Century of the Soldier

century of the soldier book series

From Reason to Revolution

from reason to revolution book series

From Musket to Maxim 1815-1914

from musket to maxim book series

Helion Studies in Military History

helion studies in military history

Wolverhampton Military Studies

wolverhampton military studies in military history

Helion Wargames

helion wargames book series