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Warlord Games

Formed in 2007, Warlord Games are designers, manufacturers and distributors of finely detailed historical miniatures in plastic, metal and resin. Over the past 7 years they have released four core rule sets to cover everything from the Ancients, the Horse & Musket era, the Black Powder era, right through to World War Two and beyond! They’ve developed an extensive range for each of our systems–with the core units available as plastic miniatures, reinforcements in metals, and larger units produced in resin. The vast majority of the process (from game and miniature design, sculpture, mold making, production, and packing) is performed in-house, at their HQ deep in the heart of wargaming’s spiritual home, Nottingham. Their range is constantly expanding and evolving, with releases each and every week!–and they are always on the lookout for exciting new possibilities–whether it’s having sculptors bring new units to life, or if there are other ranges out there which fulfill gaps in our existing offering.