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Air Sea Media
Started as a photo library by air traffic controller Leo Marriott, known for authoring over 50 naval and aviation titles, Air Sea Media became a publishing company in 2013 when Leo was joined by publisher Simon Forty. Air Sea Media’s first books were highly pictorial albums on aviation (Bristol Filton Airport: End of An Era) and warships (West Country Warships: Royal Navy). Forty’s father, George, was a prolific military author in the 1970s and 1980s while he was curator of the RAC Tank Museum at Bovington, England. The first of the new editions of George Forty’s works, Desert Rats at War, was published in 2014: with many new illustrations, the introduction of color maps and images, and much new text, it pointed the way for future titles including Patton’s Third Army at War (published by Casemate), The Afrika Korps, Fifth Army at War in Italy, and At War in Korea.