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Tattered Flag

Tattered Flag Press was established in 2010 and is an independent publisher of books on military history and history based in southern England. The founder and associates of the parent company, Chevron Publishing, have considerable experience in publishing, producing and writing quality military and aviation history. Our list comprises scholarly yet accessible books and we try to publish subjects which shine light in corners of history that may otherwise have remained dark. Owner and editor, Robert Forsyth, comments: ‘The ethos of our business is to be driven by a passion and understanding for what we do. We are not interested in quantity, but rather in the quality of our output. We look for books that are well researched and that perhaps offer a new angle, or even which set out to constructively debunk established theories. Every book published is different and its path to publication needs a considered approach to ensure that the final result is the best possible for its author and for us. Books are not sausages and we are not a sausage factory.’ Tattered Flag’s book on Bomber Command, ‘Ops: Victory at all Costs’ was viewed as ‘an outstanding book’ by Waterstones, while Military History Monthly considered it as bearing ‘all the hallmarks of becoming the definitive work on bomber operations during WWII.’ Another title ‘Spacesuit: A History through Fact and Fiction’ received a 2012 American Astronautical Society Eugene M. Emme Astronautical Literature Award.