korean war books

Korean War Books

July 27, 2023 marks the 70th Anniversary of the Korean Armistice Agreement which ended roughly three years of combat. One of the major Cold War conflicts, the stories of the brave men and women who fought in the Korean War have left an indelible effect on American society and history.

Looking to learn more? Check out these well-reviewed titles below.

Baker Bandits: Korea’s Band of Brothers
Edited by Cynthia Shelton

“The accounts give an intensely personal look at [the marines’] experiences in the war, interspersed with historical narrative and sobering lists of casualties.” 

Inchon Landing: MacArthur’s Korean War Masterstroke, September 1950
By Gerry Van Tonder

“This book is well written and has many photographs to help tell the story.”

The Flying Grunt: The Story of Lieutenant General Richard E. Carey, United States Marine Corps (Ret)
By Alan E Mesches

“This well written and researched book is replete with personal recollections and anecdotes faithfully recalled and recorded.” 
The Journal of the Air Force Historical Foundation

The United States Marine Corps in the Korean War
By Michael Green

“The mix of display and in-the-field shots offers a good all-around look at the Marines and their air, ground, and sea weaponry, plus the occasional North Korean or Chinese POW. Another winner in the series.”
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society

Chosin: Heroic Ordeal of the Korean War
By Eric Hammel

“…contributes significantly to Korean War scholarship, while also taking a look into the limits of human capacity, leadership, and motivation in the face of unfathomable hardship.”
Naval Historical Foundation

Emperor’s Own: Ethiopians in the Korean War
By Dagmawi Abebe

“This book serves two functions: it teaches the reader about the Korean War, but more importantly it tells the story of how a proud people and a proud nation rose to meet the call to protect democracy and joined the world in squelching the aggression of the North Koreans.”